Productivity App Advice: Lifehacker’s Timely Tips!

ProductivityProductivity is something that most of us are seeking to maximize, whether we are coaches, entrepreneurs, busy moms, small business owners, or students.  And making the most of the time we have is a goal that can be powerfully aided by the right technological tools.

That’s why I always look forward to   Lifehacker’s annual list of Best Windows Apps, and 2013 brings an interesting and comprehensive collection.

Productivity:  How Useful are the Apps … Really?

One of the things I like to consider when considering new apps is their track record.  (This is an important step when considering WordPress Plugins, too – always check to see how frequently and how recently they are updated, how many people have downloaded them, and look for bug reports, ratings, and comments, too.)  In the case of these recent Lifehacker recommendations, they helpfully provided a link to their list for 2012 – so you can see how apps have fared through the year.

Productivity:  The Ongoing Scoop

Lifehacker also offers a continually-updated App Directory for Windows.  In addition, you can check out the Lifehacker Pack for Mac 2013 – and go back to previous years to see how things have evolved on the Mac side of the universe!  And for those who are interested in Linux, there is an App Pack for that environment, as well.

Productivity:  Go with What Works

There’s a lot to be said for continually improving on your tech tools and upgrading when you can.  By the same token, constant changes can really eat into your productivity, so the familiar tool can quite often have many advantages over the best or newest application.

So my app advice is to take a look at these lists, consider carefully, and beware of what I like to call “Bright, Shiny Object Syndrome.”  If you keep productivity as your #1 goal, you’ll more likely make choices that maximize your time and help keep you on track.

Productivity Advice:  This is Important!

Whenever you explore these curated lists of apps from Lifehacker, I urge you to decide how much time you want to spend, and set a timer before you begin.  Perusing these lists can be a huge time drain, as you explore, consider the possibilities, download and try apps … and one thing leads to another.  If you’re not careful, you’ll ‘come to’ and realize that two hours have gone by and your productivity has suffered, rather than being enhanced!

So, enjoy these lists … carefully … and I’d love to hear what works for you!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with the apps curated by Lifehacker and have not received any compensation for sharing this content.

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