Productivity-The Power of “Why” for Finding Energy and Time!

Productivity-The Power of Why

Productivity Tip for Today: Tap The Power of Why

Productivity is something we all strive to enhance – after all, who doesn’t want to use time wisely and well?  And very often, we think of productivity as being about the nuts and bolts of tasks – doing things faster and more efficiently.

That’s the “How” of your work – the route that you take from Point A to Point B and the tools that you use along the way. There’s an awful lot that you can  do to beef up the “How” and amp up our productivity – things like:

  • Creating templates to save you from reinventing the wheel with tasks you perform repeatedly

But none of these things really gets to the wellspring of your productivity.

What does?

It’s your energy.  The quality of the energy that you bring to your work is what animates and sustains your efforts. It’s the heart of the matter – and that’s why I created the Heart-Based Time Management™ System!

Recently, in The Finding Time E-zine, we’ve been focusing on how you can create a schedule that works for YOU.  (Sign up HERE to receive your monthly installment of the E-zine!) As with productivity, people often miss the heart of the matter when it comes to schedules.  Your schedule isn’t your “To-Do List.”  No, in fact, here’s how we described it in the e-zine:

Your schedule is so powerful, when you let it be personal! It’s where you bring your time and your energy together.

Think of it as the container you create to hold your days and nurture what you value.

Your “Why” is embodied in your values – the reason that you do what you do.  Think of it as your own personal Mission Statement.  It’s your guiding star.

And when your “Why” is in sync with your “How” you are going to be at your most productive.  It’s like completing an electrical circuit.  Your heart and your head are connected, and energy flows unimpeded.

No matter how much time and thought you put into creating systems and finding tools to amp up your productivity, if your heart isn’t in it, you are going to get less done.  Not only that, but the quality of your work will be less than optimal.

So, the next time you feel bogged down or stuck, consider your “Why” before you examine your “How.”  And for more tools to help you explore the ways that your energy and productivity are affected by your heart-connection, I offer The Finding Time Success Kit.

Receive 3 FREE Time Success tools from The Time Finder! The Success Kit includes “The New Finding Time Boundary Template: 9 Simple, Sequential Steps to Find More Time and Recharge Your Energy!” Using a workbook format this powerful and practical time template helps you progress beyond disappointment and frustration. You also receive weekly Finding Time Tips, and the monthly, award-winning Finding Time E-zine when you click this link to claim your FREE Success Kit!

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