Productivity Tip: Accountability Buddies Really Work!

ProductivityProductivity, effectiveness and efficiency are the focus of many time management systems.  And often, when we think of productivity and time management we think of to-do lists, schedules, and maybe timers or other on-line time-tracking tools.

But finding time and increasing your productivity needn’t be a solitary pursuit. Maybe an accountability buddy is just the thing you need!

An accountability buddy is someone you stay in touch with about your goals in order to keep your follow-through (and therefore, ultimately, your productivity) on track.

So, to get a strong start on working with an accountability buddy to increase your productivity, use these 3 focused tips:

Productivity Tip #1:  Clear Objectives Grow Out of Clean Motivation.

Good intentions and wishful thinking often become entangled, and it’s easier to start out with clarity about your goal than to backtrack later. So explore your goal and the motivation behind it at the start. Is it grounded in reality? It helps to remember that your encounter with your buddy will probably involve only a few minutes a day. Clarity allows you to make the most of that time.

Bringing your goals into sharp focus breathes life into your plans. Write down exactly what results you’d like, with as much detail as possible. The sooner you do it, the more you will benefit.

Productivity Tip #2:  Envision Your Accountability Buddy Supporting You.

Your Accountability Buddy is the person you’ll be checking in with as you move toward realizing your goal.  Maintaining your focus and productivity as you move ahead – that’s the gift your Accountability Buddy helps you give yourself.  In planning for how you’ll work with this person, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What ideal outcome are you working towards?
  • What milestone will indicate that you’ve arrived at this goal?
  • What will your accountability buddy provide as support?
  • What responsibilities do you need to shoulder on your end to ensure your productivity and success?

Productivity Tip #3:  Select Your Accountability Buddy with Care.

When your motivations and objectives feel workable, you’re ready to select a buddy to help you sustain your productivity. You might start with these questions, as you survey your possible buddies:

  • Who consistently follows through?
  • Who listens without interrupting?
  • Who will offer feedback only if asked?

Sometimes you might need to choose a buddy from an unfamiliar group (like a new class). In that case, it’s wise to try to choose someone with similar interests to create a comfortable base for your work together.

No matter what, I hope you can see that a bit of forethought helps you fine-tune your efforts so that the time you spend checking in with your buddy yields rich rewards!

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