Productivity Tips for 2014-Small Bites are Best!

Productivity StepsProductivity may be one of the things that’s on your mind as the New Year gets started.

With January 1, no matter where you live and what you do, you have the opportunity to look at the coming year as a fresh slate.

As each new day unfolds, maybe you’re wondering: “How can I use my time wisely?”  “What can I do to stay focused and be more efficient and effective with each moment?”  I invite you to take a deep breath and relax.  Don’t stress yourself as you think about productivity; instead, let yourself just open to the possibilities.

Productivity: Here’s the Key

Whatever your goals may be …

  • Large or small,
  • Personal or work-related,
  • Simple or complicated,
  • Long or short-term

… your key to accomplishing them is to break them down into small, doable chunks.  The smaller you think, the more likely you are to get to your really big goals.

Why?  Because you’re more likely to take small steps that large, daunting ones.  And each time you accomplish one of the small goals you’ve set for yourself, you build confidence and self trust. And what that means, in turn, is that the next step can even be a little bit bigger – because you are that much more sure of yourself and your ability to follow-through.

Productivity Tips: Use Time to Chunk Your Goals!

One excellent way to break things up for yourself is to use time increments.  Think about a very large goal – decluttering your kitchen, for example.  It may seem daunting as a whole, but if you commit to addressing it in small chunks of time on a regular basis, you’ll see the changes really take hold over time.

For this particular task, you might commit to spend 15-minutes a day decluttering, staring with one cupboard.  Or, if time increments don’t appeal to you, you could commit to something like getting rid of one unneeded item a day. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s small enough to give yourself a chance to let your productivity take hold – and your confidence grow.

For some excellent ideas about time-based productivity regimens, I recommend “Seven 52 Week Challenges for an Incredibly Productive Year” on lifehacker.  Here’s just one example (and it’s one you may be familiar with from postings on Facebook and other social media sites:

The 52 Week Money Challenge is a perfect example of how weekly challenges can help you achieve more. In this challenge, you start with a small deposit, increase the deposit amount by a dollar every week, and watch the savings snowball. Even if you’re already saving a percentage of your income automatically, this challenge encourages you to save even more.

Remember, the key to your productivity is small bites … in the service of your time success!

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  1. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Sitting and worrying about something takes more than taking a few steps. But sometimes those steps are so dang hard, aren’t they?

  2. This is really helpful. I always find it hard to take on big tasks. I even find it hard to declutter my thoughts sometimes. You put things into a really simple perspective- small chunks at a time.
    Taking a small step towards a goal is a start! And that first small step is the most important. Thank you for a great post! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by; I appreciate your kind words! Small steps, yes – the smaller the better. The object is to make each step possible … then the rest will follow.

  3. Meredith Eisenberg says

    Oh yes…. one step at a time – great message for this time a year when I want to do all the steps at once! Good reminder to slow down and take baby steps 🙂

    • Hi Meredith – Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree – it can be a great temptation to try to do all the steps at once, as you say. And that’s an insidious form of self-sabotage when it comes right down to it. Small steps, on the other hand, really do keep you going – and get you to your goal. Here’s to your time success!

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