Project Gutenberg but Better: Free Ebooks for Your Kindle, iPad, etc.



Standard Ebooks improves on Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg is a longstanding project which has made thousands of ebooks available to readers, worldwide.

There you’ll find more than 54,000 free ebooks, including much of the world’s great literature.

Thousands of volunteers have worked on Project Gutenberg. They’ve proofread and digitized a wide-ranging collection of older classics whose copyrights have expired.

But, while Project Gutenberg is a rich and wonderful resource, one of its drawbacks has long been its formatting.

Project Gutenberg just got better.

Enter Standard Ebooks.

This, too, is a volunteer-driven project. Standard Ebooks republishes ebooks that are in the public domain. But first, it reformats them to comply with today’s ebook readers and standards.

Standard Ebooks builds on a good thing.

The formatting upgrade offered by Standard Ebooks is substantial. Each book has an epub, Kindle, Kobo, and new “epub3″ format for download.

The changes made by Standard Ebooks significantly enhance the readability of the ebooks they republish.

Goals of Standard Ebooks

The goals of Standard Ebooks, as described on their website are to produce ebooks:

  1. That embrace the latest ebook technology standards.
  2. Aimed at the sensibilities of modern readers that rival commercially-available ebooks in typography and formatting.
  3. That have strict code formatting standards and patterns, so that they can be used as a base for other ebook projects.
  4. With rich semantic data and predictable structure that can be easily machine-processed.
  5. That enrich and evangelize the worldwide public domain.

So, currently, there are more than 100 classics available for download at the site.

How to get involved.

This is truly a community effort. And you can join this project as anything from a proofreader to a coder. You don’t need special skills, and as the saying goes, many hands make light work.

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