Project Preparation – 5 Timely Tips

Project Planning Tools

Project planning gets you from Point A to Point B!

Starting a project and following it through to completion involves time management skills that translate into lots of other situations,

Not long ago I shared a post about finding time to start your project.

There are two key components to this enterprise:

  • Getting yourself ready and
  • Preparing your environment.

If you neglect either one of these components, it’s going to hold you up when the time comes to get started on your project.

5 Project Preparation Tips

So now that you’re ready to start, what else do you need to do? Well, today I want to share 5 tips that substantially enhance your preparation and help move you along toward the finish line.

1. Begin with a strong mental focus.

This is often called a mental rehearsal. It is used effectively by countless professionals, from athletes to authors to public speakers. By mentally rehearsing, you walk through the steps of your project. It’s a very powerful step — envisioning your success at each milestone and with your finished product.

Visualize not only what you will be doing, but also how you will be feeling. This helps you maintain your motivation and your morale throughout the process.

2. Learn to brainstorm on the fly.

When thinking about your project, don’t restrict yourself to time you have already set aside for that process. Instead, work at keeping an open mind so that ideas will pop into your head at random times during your day. This builds a habit of becoming consciously aware of thoughts and ideas that will benefit your project as you proceed through your daily activities.

3. Carry a “brain pad”.

A “brain pad” is a small notebook that you carry with you at all times. A digital voice recorder or notebook app on your phone works just fine, too. These tools enable you to capture anything that is relevant to your project without disrupting your current activity. The notes in your “brain pad” become a “launching pad” when you formally begin your project.

Read on, there are more tips coming…

4. Prepare your project environment so you can work when you’re ready to go.

Wherever you plan to work on your project, from formal office to kitchen table to Starbucks, make sure that you will have everything you need close by to get your work done. A special caution here for those who carry their lives on their laptops – set up your laptop so you have access to your work in progress, your resource material, and the Internet. In this way, you can work wherever you need to be, whenever you have time, even if it is only 30 minutes.

5. Stay flexible and up to date.

Begin with an organized workspace. To maintain this, when you stop your project work session, always reorganize. That way, you are ready to re-enter a well-ordered space when you begin again.

And here are  2 more tips for you…

Building on the ideas I’ve shareed above, consider these additional ideas:

  • Handwritten notes should either be scanned into your computer or entered into a word processing file that travels with you.
  • Never move from one workspace to another without making sure that anything you carry is immediately relevant to your current project activity.

So what project is on your horizon today? Do you feel ready to start planning?

Drop me a line – I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and time challenges — because I’d love to help!

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