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Pushcrew – I think it’s well worth a look!

Pushcrew is a tool that I learned about recently in the excellent newsletter that my colleague and mentor Sandra Martini publishes.

When Sandy recommends something, I listen, and pushcrew is an excellent case in point. We’ve started testing it  out on The Time Finder and have been gratified with the results thus far. Here’s how you get started:

When you download and enable pushcrew it allows you to send push notifications to anyone who subscribes. There’s a bit of complexity to the initial set-up, but one you’ve finished that you can start by composing and formatting your welcome notification on the dashboard. Subsequent notifications are created and deployed there as well.

Pushcrew Enhances Engagement

Your notifications are delivered right on the browser. Subscribers needn’t be on your website to receive your communications. As you might imagine, this allows you to significantly enhance your ability to engage and communicate with subscribers. And with push notifications you’re likely to get higher click rates than with e-mails. That’s because push notifications are so brief and to-the-point.

In addition, push notifications are clickable, so with your brief notification you are able to send people directly to a page or post on your site, or to a link external to your site, if you like. The notifications themselves are easy to create and send, and you can add your logo for branding, too.

Pushcrew offers different plan and pricing levels. The Free plan seems to me a good place to start, and then you can move up from there as you need/want to. This video gives a quick overview of how pushcrew works:

Visitors to your site are offered a notification inviting them to “Allow” these notifications. If they agree, they become subscribers and you are then able to communicate with them using pushcrew.

The free plan includes the following features:


These features come with the free pushcrew plan.

One feature that you’d need an upgrade in order to access is the ability to send mobile website notifications. But the free plan offers a robust array of features for getting started, I think. So, I’d recommend that you give pushcrew a look when you have a moment. I think it’ll be time well-spent.

And I invite you to click “Allow” when our notification pops up on your screen, so you can receive the latest from The Time Finder!

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