Ready or Not, It’s Back-to-School Time

Back-to-School Time
It’s back-to-school time.

Back-to-school time is upon us.

It’s nearly September, and if school hasn’t started yet, I’m guessing that it soon will.  For kids and families, this is an exciting and sometimes anxiety-provoking time.  What can you do to make it go as smoothly as possible?

Well, back-to-school time was very much on my mind last night as I thought about today’s post.  So, for starters, it’s a good idea to plan for back-to-school time. The sooner you start the better, but it’s never too late.

Back-to-School Time: Plan Ahead

There are lots of on-line resources available, like this Back-to-School Checklist from  This checklist is especially helpful if you’ve got a student who is going to school for the first time. But you’ll find plenty of useful tips, no matter what stage of schooling you’re dealing with.

And their article Ready, Set, Back to School is also a very helpful resource. The younger your child, the more involved you’ll likely want to be at back-to-school time.

Create a back-to-school time template.

As you plan, it will be very helpful if you create your own template.

If you create it on your computer you can save and modify it based on your experience and your child’s changing needs.  Then you can pull it out each mid-summer as you work on back-to-school preparation, and keep tweaking and fine-tuning it as the years go by.

Circumstances inevitably evolve and change as your children grow, and as different schools and teachers come into play.  Your template provides you with an important base, however. And it will always help you save time (and not miss crucial steps) as you move through this seasonal transition.

I encourage you to think about using templates for all kinds of tasks. And they are especially helpful with the seasonal ones.  As tools for finding time, templates are hard to beat.

So, how are you and your family doing on the back-to-school transition this year?  What has been challenging?  What have you learned?

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