Reasonable Goals Help You Untie the Knots That Hold You Back

reasonable goals

Develop reasonable goals and let go of excess expectations.

Reasonable goals are your best bet for untying the knots that keep you tangled and stuck. But setting reasonable goals doesn’t always come easily.

As you explore ways to create more reasonable goals, you may make some surprising discoveries.  So, the more you are open to learning new things about yourself, the more quickly you’ll be able to untie those knots and get back on track.

Could getting stuck reflect hidden concerns? Maybe you wonder if success will push you farther than you are ready to go. Self-sabotage can be a misguided attempt to protect you from living “too big.”

This is where a bit of detective work is hugely beneficial. Invest time to explore the terrain, identify upcoming challenges, and listen to your intuition. Do you question, on any level, whether you can handle the demands of success? Do you truly want to assume more responsibility? It’s important to explore these questions now, and to answer them honestly and effectively. Ambivalence not only slows you down; it can sabotage your best efforts, thereby undermining others’ trust in you.

Here’s where reasonable goals come in…

Getting stuck may be a signal that you have overburdened your project with inflated ambitions. And in no-win situations, you’re tempted to balk.  In a situation like this, it’s very helpful to jot down your goals very honestly.

  • Symbolic victories? Not needed.
  • Trying to make up for past missteps? Let them be.
  • Competing with someone? Set yourself free.

Once goals are reasonable, progress tends to resume.

Here’s another example of a situation where staying stuck feels like self-protection. What if success raises the bar way too high? You need to know you can choose to work within your comfort zone as you assume more responsibility.

If you find yourself wrestling with this knot, a key is to develop assertive strengths to negotiate the terms of your success. Once you know you can exercise positive control over the outcome, you can wholeheartedly and joyfully work to complete your project.

Give yourself a break…

Finally, when you feel like there is nowhere to turn, sometimes one step back creates two steps forward.  When you’re seriously stuck, backing up may help you reach your destination faster.

When you come to this kind of a dead end in your work, take a quick but restorative break to get some needed distance from your project. Then examine whether you would benefit by incorporating new information, by requesting the opinion of a trusted colleague with a fresh perspective, or by going more deeply inside to hear what your heart has to say.

When you factor in time to periodically reassess and correct your course, you also enhance your flexibility, humility, self-knowledge, and self-esteem. So, how will you make more room to do this for yourself, starting today?

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