Reflecting, Relaxing, Rejuvenating — Ideas to Nourish Your Soul

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Reflecting is rejuvenating.

Reflecting on the past is one of the best steps you can take when building your future.

That’s because reflecting isn’t just about looking back.  It’s about gleaning the lessons that the past offers and using them to inform where you go next.

So, I found it really interesting, when reflecting back on this month’s most popular posts, to see, right there at the top, a post about creating reflection points for yourself.

It’s titled “Schedule Reflection Time to Be More Productive” and here’s a snippet:

We all have the same 24-hours every single day of our lives … and what we do with those hours defines who we are, as well as going a long way to determine the quality of our lives. So, if you’d like to make your wisest time choices, then my #1 time tip is to invest time up front by adding reflection time to your schedule.

Reflecting is a vital life skill…

Another favorite of our readers enlarged on this theme. Reflection time increases productivity, and it’s also about looking at the larger picture. So, here’s another post that was popular this past month. It’s titled “Experience As Teacher: Reflection Time Opens the Door” and it offers 5 Keys to this all-important skill:

The more frequently you evaluate, the more automatic it becomes – and the more subtleties emerge and offer themselves for your learning. Developing the process of evaluation teaches skills of observation that enhance your life. These skills, then, generalize out to create a rich and varied tapestry.

Relaxation rejuvenates

Find Time to Relax This Weekend! is a perennial favorite for Time Finder readers. And a newcomer also scored high this past month. It’s titled “Disconnect, Breathe Deeply, and Let Go of Stress, One Moment at a Time” and it looks specifically at some of the challenges to true relaxation that are presented by our plugged in, information-saturated world.

Letting go of stress by consciously choosing to spend time away from the web may be a challenging step to take. But when it comes to reducing your stress level it is one of the most practical and powerful self-care choices you can make.

More help for avoiding a major time trap…

For web-based solopreneurs and small business owners, it’s always important to be visible and active on social networks. But it’s challenging, because distractions on the web are tempting – and when you’re busy, that can be disastrous.

Maybe you give in – just for a second. Then you feel like you’ve wasted time, fallen further behind, and your stress grows. It’s an energy-draining cycle that no one needs. So, today I’m sharing a new Finding Time resource. It’s titled “Step Out of the Social Media Trap: 5 Keys to Engagement and Success While Staying on Top of Your Time” and it contains tips, tools and practical advice that I’ve shared with my clients through time. Now I’m sharing it with you.

Social networking needn’t be a time drain for you. So Step Out of the Social Media Trap offers a blueprint for setting and maintaining time boundaries and increasing your productivity.

It applies to your online work and also to LOTS of other areas in your life. So, why not eliminate the frustration of this sneaky time trap?

Here’s your very own, step-by-step, time-saving guide that will help you create your Social Media Time Plan and find time for what matters most to you. Learn more HERE!

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