Reflection on the Past Enhances Your Present and Future

Reflection Deepens

Reflection deepens your experience of time.

Reflection on the past, whether it’s the past minute, day, month, or year, is always an enriching and deepening experience. There are times when this is a pleasurable activity, times when it’s simply informative, and times when it can be quite painful.

And this may feel paradoxical, but it’s actually those painful times of reflection that yield the most precious and powerful treasures. When you are able to open your heart and mind to your misjudgments and mistakes, you move toward yourself with compassion – AND you clear away impediments that keep you from moving toward your goals.

So, as we enter a new year, I encourage you to open to compassionate reflection as you look back and look ahead. Embracing yourself fully will open paths in 2015 that you might not have even imagined in 2014.  So let your new and deepening adventure in time begin today!

And, as we always do, I also love to take a moment at the start of a new month, for reflection on the posts that readers of The Time Finder found most compelling. So here’s what you were drawn to in December:

Fear Stealing Your Time and Energy? Make 2015 Different! was the post that topped the list of your favorites.  Is fear something that holds you back?

Fear is so debilitating! It robs you of confidence and creativity while wasting your time and siphoning off your energy into dead-end worries and what-if’s.

And another post about the effects of fear – with a focus on procrastination – was a very popular one with readers.  Titled Procrastination Problems – Is Fear Your Roadblock? it offers lots of practical ideas about getting yourself unstuck, along with links to related posts!

But here’s the thing about fear. It grows with avoidance. The more we turn away from it, the larger it looms … until it dwarfs everything around it.

Tech tips are always popular on The Time Finder, and here are three posts to round out our Time Finder Favorites for December:

Is your favorite post on the list, here?  Is there a subject that you’d like to learn more about here as the New Year unfolds?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear what you think.

And best wishes for a wonderful 2015 as we continue our time journey together!

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