Reflection Time Deepens Your Experience of the Holidays and ANY Days

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Reflection time deepens your experience.

I hope your holiday season so far has been warm, fun, and meaningful for you.

Were you able to find some moments of Sacred Time as your days unfolded?

And how about reflection time to savor and appreciate what each day brought?

Reflection time affirms feelings.

How do you feel after a much-anticipated event has passed by?

Do you have a feeling of satisfaction? Fulfillment?  Gratitude?

Or are you exhausted and left wondering what just happened?

Do you feel let down?  Depressed?

Don’t be surprised if you experience lots of seemingly conflicting emotions. It’s quite possible that all of these feelings exist at once. Indeed, when it comes to your emotional life, it’s not an either/or proposition.

They might contradict one another, but having feelings is normal.

People often experience a wide range of feelings around the holidays.  They can be very contradictory, puzzling, and very heavily weighted.

Indeed, during holiday times, and anniversary times (and really ANY times), memories, hopes, and expectations can converge powerfully. You might feel surprised or confused by what comes up for you.

Just remember, as your first step, that this isn’t anything to worry about. It’s perfectly normal and it offers a wealth of information about YOU.


Compassion is your key…

When you set aside reflection time, it’s vital that you approach it with an open and compassionate heart.

This isn’t about assessing or judging … it is about learning more about yourself so that your experience of your moments can be richer and deeper. So, the more open and non-judgmental your dialogue with yourself can be, the more information you’ll share with yourself.

You may find it helpful to use journaling or to create a file for storing your thoughts and insights, so that come next year (or the next holiday), you’ll be able to access them.  Build on what you learn, so that your holiday preparations and celebrations go more smoothly, and feel more meaningful, for you.

Here’s to finding reflection time whenever you need it.

I hope you give yourself this gift often and would love to hear how it goes for you.

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