Reflection Time Helps Honor Your Transformative Transitions

Reflection Time Lake and Mountain

Reflection Time Honors and Deepens Your Transitions

Reflection time is time you set aside for yourself – time to breathe deeply and take in the present moment, along with the steps that brought you to this place.

When big changes are happening – like the turning of a season or of the year – reflection time is an especially meaningful gift to give yourself. So, in the midst of all the celebratory energy, how about pausing for a moment and letting yourself take in the  size and scope of this annual transition?

Transitioning into something new always means, for me, remembering and honoring what has been.  That’s the Heart-Based Way.  So, as I say good-bye to this past year, I create reflection time for myself and look back on what an amazing year it was.  Whether you consider world events or the challenges and triumphs of everyday living, the time was filled with 365 days’ worth of memorable moments for each and every one of us.

Right next to the wide range of human experience that makes the news and the history books every year, there are also and always the timeless rhythms of life that anchor and sustain us.  The sun rises and sets, no matter what storms there may be in-between.  Our in-breath is followed by our out-breath, so long as we walk the planet.  This is very grounding, especially during times of transition.  Knowing it, right to your core, helps ease change by reminding you of what is changeless.

And gratitude, whether for unexpected gifts or for everyday graces, continues to be a transformative and powerful force.  The more we feel it, the more we are transformed – it’s really that clear and causal.  And gratitude is ours, like our breath.  So long as we are here, we hold the transformative power of gratitude in our hands.

So, whether you are transitioning to a new year or a new day, choosing to take some reflection time for the ritual of remembering and honoring what has been always provides you with a solid place to stand as you look toward the future.  And whenever you remember with gratitude, you powerfully transform your landscape.

Transition times can be unsettling and difficult – often filled with losses, as you let go of the old.  They are also filled with opportunity and adventure for Heart-Based travelers.  No matter how you approach your transitions initially, strive to remember that gratitude always puts you in charge.  It shifts your perspective and your energy, opening up vistas and possibilities that you might never have dreamed.

So, are there habits or rituals that you’d like to continue into the New Year?  Are you ready to journey farther along the Heart-Based Path as the New Year begins?

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I wish you a healthy and growthful New Year, filled with productivity, depth, love, learning, laughter, and the time to reflect, assimilate and appreciate it all!

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