Reflection Time: Regroup, Rejuvenate and Welcome Spring!

ReflectionReflection time is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself.

But it can be a challenge for busy people to find time for reflection.  That’s because, on the face of it, this doesn’t feel or look like productive time.  

And yet, without reflection, we spin our tires and make the same mistakes over and over again!

Reflection Time – Why It’s Important

Finding time for what matters most always boils down to our time choices – and reflection is the activity that allows us to clarify our values, evaluate our choices, and make changes where necessary.

Time is finite. We each have the same 24-hours every single day of our lives … and what we do with those hours defines who we are, as well as going a long way to determine the quality of our lives.

Don’t Panic – Give Yourself Some Reflection Points! The good news is that time management tips can provide you with empowering insights to energize and enrich your time choices.

If you’d like to make your wisest time choices, then my #1 time tip is to invest time up front by giving yourself time to reflect. I like to call them Reflection Points – these powerful gifts to yourself. Simply put, a reflection point is a moment in your day, or week, or month, when you pause and think about how things are going.

Reflection Points – A Quick How To:

When you schedule your first Reflection Point, you might start by thinking broadly about which of your time choices best advances your goals or fulfills your needs. At the same time, begin to identify which time choices you’re not so pleased with.  These are choices that are due for an overhaul.

Successful reflection is never judgmental. If you approach your choices with a critical eye, you won’t get the full range of information about what you choose and why. In fact, if you’re bringing a critical eye to your reflection points, you simply won’t want to follow through.

So be open and non-judgmental. Think of yourself as your own best friend; this is about time choices and making the ones that work best for the unique person that you are!

And if you find yourself stuck, you can frame your exploration with questions like the following:

1. What are the goals I am making progress on?

2. What do I want to enlarge on or follow up on?

3. What relationships need tending?

4. What are the accomplishments I’d like to celebrate?

It’s important to make your reflection points work for you. So, rather than treating them as one more activity to squeeze into a busy day, try picturing them as large and comfortable spaces that have room to warmly hold all aspects of your life.

This allows you to have a relaxed, inclusive and self-nurturing perspective while you sort through your priorities. You will be amazed at how these pauses can transform your relationship with time. Even after just a few moments of this kind of reflection, you return to your day refreshed, with energies realigned.

Sandra MartiniReflection Time Geared to Your Business:  A Final Note

If you are like many entrepreneurs and small business owners this year, you are having a tougher time. Maybe you’re cutting expenses.  Maybe you’re worried about losing clients. Maybe reflection about this even scares you.  But don’t let it.  This is a subject that calls out for attention …

… and that’s why I’m pleased to invite you to join me, as I listen in on Sandra Martini’s training describing why your customers and clients aren’t buying and what you can do about it. After all, the choice is yours. The training is scheduled for Wednesday, April 9.  It’s free and you can learn more and register right here!

Note from Paula:  From time to time, I endorse or suggest services and/or products for your consideration. I never recommend anything that I haven’t used firsthand and believe will provide excellent and valuable information or service to you. I will be compensated with a referral commission if you decide to purchase any items from this provider; however, this will never increase the price that you pay.

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