Resilience Keeps You Going, and So Much More!

resilienceResilience is the quality that is embedded in the heart of success.  Not creativity.  Not brilliance.  Not even luck.

Resilience is what keeps you going, no matter what.   It’s a powerful key that unlocks untold treasures! 

Do you have resilience?

Well, Roy H. Williams once quoted a young rabbi, saying, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Resilience shines like a precious gem, right at the core of this wisdom. Because, you see, this isn’t about putting your head down and just enduring.  No, resilience has a transformative quality.  When you learn to dance in life’s storms, they become something different.

Resilience is made up of diverse skills.

Creativity, flexibility, resourcefulness, patience, persistence, and gratitude are individual strengths that enrich your approach to each moment. When you put these skills together, you form a powerful core of
resilience.  These core skills are strengths that you can draw on when times get tough. They can help you make helpful and  strategic time choices, confront or reframe challenges, and navigate successfully through your day.

Your unique fund of resilient strengths shapes your perspective on individual situations and challenges.  And these things, in turn, have a profound affect on how you experience your life as a whole.  And a piece of really good news is the fact that resilience can be learned and enhanced, like any skill.  The more you build your resilience, the more assured you will feel, no matter what.

Discover your degree of resilience with this exercise:

Think back to a recent challenging situation. Describe it in detail.  Now, visualize yourself moving through it.  Activate all of your senses.

What do you see?

What do you smell and hear?

What feelings come up?

Next, visualize how you handled that challenge. Stay with yourself as you deliberately move through it.  Then allow yourself to come back to this present moment. Quickly write down and describe how you navigated the challenge.

What skills did you call on to guide you through?

List them, along with the feelings you noticed.

This gives you a snapshot of your particular cluster of resilience tools. Appreciate them, along with your choice to draw on them.

Take a moment, too, to think about new skills that you might add to your resilience list.  Remember that resilient strengths, like core muscles, support you all the time, enhancing your capacity to flex and stretch.

Now, don’t those storms look different, when you know you can dance through them?  And if you’d like to learn more about how you can expand and deepen your time and efforts … in whatever areas you choose, read on! Here’s a great way to explore avenues to increasing your time skills and heart-based power – whether it’s in your business, or your personal life.  I am so pleased to be able to offer my expertise and support as The Official Guide to “Time Management”.

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