Resilience Means Dancing in the Rain (or Snow)

Dancing-Resilience Personified

Dancing – the personification of resilience!

Resilience is a skill (as opposed to a character trait). It’s a choice that empowers, energizes, and keeps you going, no matter what.

You’re probably familiar with the following statement about this skill – here shared by Roy H. Williams, who quoted a young rabbi, saying:

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.
It’s about learning to dance in the rain. 

Resilience shines at the heart of this wisdom. You don’t simply endure; you find time to dance in the midst of life’s storms!

Resilience is a composite of diverse skills – a cluster of characteristics you draw on when times get tough. You enhance your skill set as you make strategic time choices, confront challenges, and navigate through each and every day.

Creativity, flexibility, resourcefulness, patience, persistence, and gratitude are individual strengths that enrich your approach to each moment. By combining these skills, you form a core of resilience – a way you progress through pivotal and challenging times.

Your resilient strengths shape how you view individual situations, as well as how you experience your life as a whole. And again, this is a learned skill. It needs to be regularly practiced, and it helps to ensure your forward momentum.

Resilience Visualization

To discover your resilient strengths, try this exercise:

Get comfortable in a quiet space, take a deep breath and think back to a recent challenging situation.

Describe it in full detail.

Now, visualize yourself moving through it.

Activate all of your senses. What do you see? What do you smell and hear?

What feelings well up?

Next, visualize how you handled that challenge. Stay with yourself as you deliberately move through it.

What do you do?

How does each step feel to you?

Then allow yourself to come back to this present moment, and quickly write down and describe how you navigated this challenge.

What emotions bubbled up? What skills did you call on to guide you through? List them.

This is your particular cluster of resilience tools. Appreciate them, along with your choice to draw on them.

What new skills might you add to your resilience list?

Remember that resilient strengths, like core muscles, support you all the time, enhancing your capacity to flex and stretch. Practicing these skills and expanding your repertoire will stand you in good stead, no matter what challenges life brings to you.

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