Resolutions for the New Year — How Easing Into Them Helps

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Make your resolutions for the new year real.

Did you make resolutions for the new year?

Are you working toward changing a habit or a routine in your life?

Making time to follow through on promises is important in all aspects of your life.

And when you make promises to yourself — such as resolutions for the new year — follow-through is key, not only to your success but also to the quality of your relationship with yourself.

Consistency and making good on promises aren’t accidents. They are choices that you make. And the choice to fulfill a promise is always trust-building. Each of those choices to follow-through is also a necessary and highly practical tool for change.

Make your resolutions for the new year stick.

If it takes 21-28 days to create a new habit, as many believe, you can see how important it is to be steady about doing what you set out to do.

Another key element in getting to your goal is patience.  That’s because change takes time, and your resolutions are going to take a while to bear fruit.  It’s easy to get discouraged if you are looking for quick or dramatic results and they don’t come.  Keeping expectations in line with reality helps you keep going.

Resolutions about exercising are common at this time of year. If you have unrealistic expectations or pursue them with a zeal that gets you a little ahead of yourself, you may run into trouble.

Change takes time.

That’s because the thing about real change is that it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an incremental process, getting from where you are to where you’d like to be.  If you try to speed that process up, you are actually likely to slow yourself down.

There are no short-cuts with change.  Making time to ease into change will get you to your goal faster. That’s because there just won’t be as many stops and detours along the way.  You’ll be able to follow through consistently, and the results, when they come, will be solid and satisfying.

So, how will you be easing into your resolutions to make sure you follow through on them? What one thing will you do to help yourself with that today?

Here are 101 ideas…

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