Resolutions That Work: First, Stop Undermining Yourself


Resolutions are in the air.

Resolutions are in the air right now. And research tells us that most people drop their resolutions within the first month of the New Year.

So, while finding time to make realistic resolutions and follow through on them is something that many of us think about now, it’s a challenge to make them stick.

Is this part of your New Year’s tradition? And if it is, how do you usually do on your follow through?

It’s been my experience that it’s not so much the resolution itself that makes the difference — it’s the energy that motivates it.

So, when resolutions come from a place of compassion and self-nurturing, you stand a better chance of bringing them to fruition than if they rise from a judgmental or self-critical mind set.

There aren’t many things in life that can sap your energy and quell your confidence quite as efficiently as nagging self-criticism can.

We each carry this discouraging inner voice — and it sounds different for every one of us. It uniquely undermines your creativity and problem-solving skills. It often leaves people feeling utterly victimized or angry or rebellious. Any way you look at it, the energy fostered by self-criticism is not something that nurtures or sustains healthy change.

How Does Your Self-Criticism Look and Sound?

The first step in rooting out self-criticism is recognizing its messages, which are often insidious. So, what kinds of things does your critical voice say to you?

If you pause in the midst of your busy life and meditate, or sit quietly, you stand a good chance of hearing the chatter of your critical voice – at least initially. This can be a very eye-opening exercise, letting you glimpse the sorts of energy-draining messages that are droning in the background as you manage your daily activities.

Try this, and jot down a few of the critical messages that you hear. Where do they come from? Do they sound familiar to you?

Beyond sapping your energy and confidence, your Inner Critic robs you of time and profoundly distorts how you see others and how you feel about yourself. But once you become familiar with that voice, you’re in a better position to counter that negativity and free up your energy for following through on your resolutions, hopes and dreams.

So, what can you do?

Give Your Resolutions a Boost by Rooting Out Self-Criticism

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