Retaining Routines During Transitions Helps You Stay Grounded


Retaining routines that help…

Retaining routines while traversing transitions is a constant challenge. But when you give yourself the help you need, you thrive.

Whether you are in the northern hemisphere where autumn is arriving, or in the southern half of the globe and moving from winter to spring, you are in a time of transition as you read this post. And retaining routines is key to your success.

Transition times present both challenges and opportunities.  With each transition comes the chance to reflect and create a new beginning for yourself.  You can consider what you might want to let go of as you move ahead.

Or maybe there’s something new that you’d like to incorporate into your day.  A transition point is a place of change.

Retaining Routines Keeps Your Feet on the Ground

But what if you want to keep something the same as you move through a transition?

Maybe you’ve had a routine, all summer, of getting outside for a run in the morning or the evening.  As the season changes and the days shorten here in the north, that may become more difficult to do. It’s dark now, when you wake up, and your running gear isn’t warm enough.

Or maybe the start of school introduces new demands that squeeze your schedule and make helpful summer routines seem impossible as fall gets underway.

This is a time when it’s very important to remember that you always hold the power to choose.  So try taking a step back and looking at your whole schedule.  Ask yourself some basic questions as you think about retaining your routines or not:

  • What is the impact of this transition on the routines you want to keep going for yourself?
  • Are there things that you can flex to make sure that some parts of your routine can continue?
  • Are there ways to accomplish the same activity but in a different way? Maybe going to a gym in the morning rather than running outside, for example?

For the first couple of weeks, as you are adjusting to your altered routine, try planning your schedule on paper, even if you don’t normally do that.  Writing it all down will reinforce the choices you are making and will help you stick to your routine until it becomes familiar to you.

Take charge and stay on track…

Times of transition can often throw us off track if we experience them as something that “happens to” us.  But the more mindfully we approach transitions, the more likely we are to feel satisfied and empowered in our lives.

When you think of transitions as passages to be navigated, you tap into your power, wisdom and experience to make the most of these rich times.

So, what will you do as the season changes, to keep your feet on the ground by retaining routines that nourish you?  How will you start making choices to help you stay on track?

Here’s more help…

Change is a fact of life, but do you sometimes feel like it’s coming at you too fast? Or does it pop up unexpectedly and throw all your plans awry? Maybe it’s a seasonal transition, or maybe it’s the transition of aging, or maybe it’s something you weren’t expecting.

Well, I’d like to share a time tool that helps. no matter what kind of change you’re dealing with. It’s titled How to Partner with Change and Aging, and to discover more about it right now, just click here:

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