Retweeting Rules: Try Just Retweet to Add Traffic and Save Time

RetweetingRetweeting is one of the best ways to show your love on Twitter.  Retweeting tells your followers that you think a tweet … or the tweeter … is really worth paying attention to.  If you are a Twitter user – or interested in getting more engaged with Twitter, read on!

Retweeting:  Why Just Retweet?

I first learned about Just Retweet from Connie Ragen Green, and was intrigued because Connie doesn’t recommend anything that she hasn’t used and valued highly herself.

I am an active Twitter user and am very aware, from my own experience, of the value of retweeting.  So Just Retweet definitely piqued my interest.  As an added bonus, the ability to ‘delegate’ or systematize any on-line task is an opportunity worth exploring!

Retweeting with Just Retweet is easy and free.  You can also buy credits if you like, but as noted in this helpful post by Patricia Weber, many of you may not find that necessary.  (A helpful video accompanies this post.)

Retweeting:  How Just Retweet Works

Here’s how Just Retweet describes itself:

JustRetweet is a social sharing platform that will help you get more Retweets, Facebook Likes and Google PlusOnes to your blog posts by allowing other members to promote your content using our credit system. There’s no question that Twitter/Facebook/Google+ can provide more social proof to your content and drive more traffic. Especially if you are publishing great, quality content.

The effect is two-fold: You not only get more exposure to your content, but will also likely gain new Twitter followers as a result.

Basically, when you sign up you receive 100 credits, and then you can add credits by retweeting others’ tweets.  You gain exposure by offering credits to others who retweet your content.

Here is a video offering a thorough explanation of how Just Retweet works …

I am pleased to share Just Retweet with you, and hope you’ll find it useful in your on-line work.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Just Retweet and have not received any compensation for sharing this content.

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