Review, Reflect, and Renew: Some Favorites for Finding Time

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Review the Past to Move Ahead Powerfully

A review of the past always deepens the present and informs the future.

And when it comes to time management, finding time for this sort of review takes a moment now, but greatly enhances your efficiency and effectiveness as the hours and days unfold.

Here at The Time Finder, we always look back and review what readers found most helpful in the previous month.  You vote with your clicks – and our review helps us determine what to focus on going forward.  (And yes, the more you click, the more precisely we can know what kinds of subjects are of interest to you.)

Of course, we factor in your comments and questions as well when we do our monthly review … and it’s all geared to creating a blog that meets your time needs and answers your time questions!

So, without further adieu, here is a brief compilation of the 5 posts that received the most attention from readers this past month:

Change and You-Use Affirmations to Shape Your Time! topped our list.  It seems that dealing with change was on many people’s minds … and you’ll find some excellent affirmations in this post.  They’ll help you along the path!

Choosing to affirm your power in times of change enables you to weather whatever comes your way in life. And on the other side, you’ll find that there have been gifts along the way – gifts of wisdom and acceptance and compassion that enrich your time as you move ahead.

Next up was a post that was a bit different for The Time Finder.  Chip Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Finding Time took a look at what this innovative football coach has to say about time.  Here’s a snippet of what we shared, quoting Coach Kelly …

“Everybody has the same amount of time during the day and you can either spend your time or invest your time and that’s what we are trying to get our players to understand. It’s how you allocate your time. We all have 24 hours in the same day and it’s what you want to do …”

We always review innovative and interesting time tools and recently readers were particularly taken with these three:

And last but not least, we asked a very important question … Productivity-Is It ALWAYS the Best Use of Your Time?

We hear it trumpeted all the time – how increasing your efficiency and effectiveness with time management tools, tips and tricks will exponentially increase your productivity and ultimately lead to wild success in whatever enterprise you pursue! Right?

Wrong … very wrong! And if overblown claims about productivity conjure images of racing ’round and ’round in a hamster wheel for you, then we are on the same wavelength!

What Time Finder post has captured your interest or addressed one of your time challenges?  Would you like to read more about that subject?  Have a question we haven’t addressed recently?

Add a comment here, or use the Contact Form to drop me a line – I’d love to help!

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