Reviewing Your To-Do List Keeps It Fresh and Useful

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Reviewing your to-do list gives you perspective.

Reviewing your to-do list is an excellent way to keep it fresh and relevant to your needs and goals.

This review is always time well spent. No matter what you’ve accomplished (or not accomplished) in your day, reviewing your to-do list gives you important perspective.

It also grounds you firmly in reality, and this is key to being able to move forward.

In some recent blog posts, I’ve looked at other aspects of time and to-do list management, including:

Now comes the last step in your to-do-list management:

Reviewing your to-do list.

Reviewing your to-do list at the end of each day helps you see how you did at addressing the items on your list. And this is a key ingredient in making your to-do list work optimally for you. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of time, but even the briefest of reviews will give you the opportunity to learn from your experience. This, in turn, will sharpen your planning and prioritizing for the coming day. 

And when you neglect this piece of the process, it’s a little like driving with only one headlight.  You’ll still be able to see the road ahead, but not as clearly as you might.

Maybe do it more than once…

If reviewing your entire list at the end of the day is daunting for you, remember, you hold the power of choice. So, you needn’t do it all at once.  The kind of reflection I’m suggesting can be done at any point or points throughout your day. 

And, when you have your to-do list handy, you might try using my “Two-Column Method” as a review tool. Jot down your thoughts and experiences as the day unfolds. Then review your notes as part of your end-of-day reflection and planning time.

Planning is key.

It’s always helpful to follow your review with your next cycle of prioritizing and planning.  That way, you immediately incorporate what you’ve learned into the next day’s road map.

Try taking 5-minutes for planning at the start and end of your workday, 5-minutes of reviewing at the end, and quick 1-minute check-ins as you move through your day. This gives you vital and timely feedback, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness as you go.

So, how do you currently review your daily activities as part of your time management process?

And what one change will you make today, to start giving this method a try?

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