Revitalize Your Time and Your Life with Fresh Eyes

Evolving values...
Revitalize your time…

When you revitalize your time, you bring new energy into your life’s moments. And the best news is that this is a gift that you can give yourself any time. 

To revitalize your time, you need to cultivate new eyes. Or you might think of it as Beginner’s Mind.

This is not something I am just saying. It’s deeply true. AND it’s one of the most powerful skills you can practice and cultivate. 

As Marcel Proust said:

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Revitalize Your Time with a Journey Inward

You see, the real voyage of discovery is inward, into your own heart.  Working from your heart as the base, you’ll be amazed at how profoundly you can reorient yourself, by opening to what’s inside.

In my coaching practice, I engage the total person. This includes the mind, the body, and the spirit. Working with each person’s full range of potential, I coach my clients to make fresh, powerful, grounded time choices. By grounded I mean choices made from a place of self-reference.

I focus on my clients’ inner energies and they learn to listen for their voice of wisdom as they explore and clarify their internal values. This helps them resolve inner conflicts and create a sustaining vision of what they want to work toward.

Revitalize your time and release your energy.

Indeed, a great deal of energy is often bound up in unresolved questions about what is truly most important. Your answers are going to be unique to you. And as you discover those answers, you’ll find that an enormous amount of vitality is released. You feel more like yourself, and this is very energizing and inspiring.

So, maybe as you look into your heart you see patterns of choices and behaviors. Then the next question is, which do you keep, and which do you change?  Some of your patterns may keep life fresh for you, while others may be more like dead weight.

Keep your patterns fresh…

When patterns become rote they lose their vitality, and you lose your ability to see what’s around you clearly.  It’s like living in a dream.  Somewhere along the line, you lose touch with your fundamental power of choice.  It’s not that you aren’t choosing. You just aren’t doing it consciously.  While it might seem like this somehow saves time, in fact, it is constricting and saps your energy.

Where do you see those rote patterns in your life? 

Let your heart guide you to them.  You don’t need to spend huge chunks of time. Just open and see what you see.  The results will always enrich your understanding.  Then, start with the smallest change.  That way you’ll be able to notice the ripple effect with relatively little discomfort.

And you can expect to discover that your small change generates more ripples than you anticipate.  Or, another analogy would be pulling up a small, annoying weed and being astonished by its extensive root system. 

So, what can you do right now to bring fresh eyes to your life and replace worn-out patterns with exciting new potentials?

Here’s more help…

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