Rice and Time — Here’s Some Help to Move You from Thought to Action

cooking rice and time

Rice and time and you.

Rice and time?


What does rice have to do with time?

And what do rice and time have to do with you, for that matter?

Well, this Chinese proverb gets to the point powerfully, as so many proverbs do:

Talk doesn’t cook rice.

Whoever came up with Nike’s old “Just do it” slogan may have been familiar with this bit of Chinese wisdom. But I think it actually gets at a more complex truth than the Nike slogan does.


Planning is really important when you’re getting started on a project or managing a transition. Find Time for Moving Through Change looks at the stages of change, while Finding Time to Bloom takes nature as a metaphor to illustrate and enlarge on these ideas.

Both posts emphasize the importance of the preliminary work.  And yet. it’s quite possible to go overboard on the planning front. Perfectionism may be at the root of that tendency for many of us (myself included).  I call that perfection paralysis.


At some point, the planning and talking have to stop and the doing has to begin.  There is no way around this fact.  Between intention and action, there is a step.  The journey can’t begin until that step is taken.

Two things about this are key:

  • Moving from intention to action is a step.  It is a big step because it represents a new level of commitment.  You are putting yourself out and taking a risk.  It is important to honor the challenge that this can present as you launch into something new. You might plan a small celebration or ritual as you enter this stage of change.
  • Moving from intention to action is a step.  It is a small step because it is merely the first step of the many that will follow.  The journey, as they say, has a thousand steps; don’t make the first one bigger than it needs to be.

Rice and Time

Do you find it challenging to move from reading the recipe to cooking the rice?  What gets in your way? I invite you to drop me a line – I’d love to hear what you think!

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