Rituals Revitalize, Deepen and Expand Your Energy and Time!

Rituals RestoreRituals are a vital part of our human experience.  They can be similar to routines, in that they are repeatable.  But rituals are significantly different in the element of depth that they add to our moments.  Rituals introduce strong time to your experience of time – and that is powerfully transformative!

Rituals Change Your Time:

While time is concrete and finite (there are 60-seconds in every minute, no matter what), our experience of time is highly subjective.  And it’s the experience of time that rituals transform.

Just take a step back and think about how your time feels to you when you have a pressing deadline that you are dreading.  Isn’t that the only thing you can see on your horizon?

Rituals and Your Sense of Proportion:

Now, imagine that you still have that deadline looming, but you find some quiet time, take a deep breath, and think of 3 things that you are grateful for in the moment.

When you next look at your horizon, the landscape has changed, hasn’t it?  What loomed large and forbidding isn’t quite so large anymore.  And that changes everything!

That’s just a very small example of what rituals can do. You can learn more about creating rituals for yourself in The Finding Time E-zine.

This morning’s edition includes an article titled:  Timely Tips to Craft a Midwinter Ritual” and if you’re not already a subscriber, click this link before 8:30 AM ET and sign up for our Finding Time Success Kit.  We’ll send today’s edition right to your inbox!  Here’s a very brief snippet from the article:

Protect the time you assign for your most important, health-giving activities. And your rituals belong in that category. Think of them as feeding the root system of your spirit.

Rituals nourish and sustain us.  The more you choose to proactively gift yourself with these deepening and energizing activities, the more you will thrive!

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