Running into Obstacles? Try This Timely Tip Today

When the going gets tough

Obstacles needn’t stop you…

Obstacles, like changes, are constants in our lives.

And while obstacles can definitely be frustrating, if we choose to spend our energy on being annoyed, we are actually making them more difficult to navigate than they need to be.

So, here’s a tip for your consideration.

I hope you find it helpful with the next obstacle you encounter.

Timely Tip

TIP: To move past your obstacles, broaden your road.

In the same way that a one-lane bridge slows heavy traffic, a rigid focus on narrow objectives frays tempers and hinders progress. What new pathways can you open?

ACTION STEP: Develop your positive energy potential by consciously drawing on these inner resources:

1. Open-handedness. Brainstorm win/win options. How does this stimulate creativity?

2. Receptivity. When you claim your power over how you live your life, you realize that others’ choices lie outside your control. Genuinely accepting this helps you welcome any positive outreach as the gift it truly is.

3. Latitude. Treat the strengths you develop when you address setbacks as a lifetime legacy. Tapping your positive energy is spiritual self-reference.

Exploring this tip…

Broadening the path using the above resources transforms your entire outlook.

Open-handedness heightens your identification with the welfare of others. This doubles your pleasure whenever successful negotiation satisfies all parties. As cooperation grows, your work together is more rewarding.

Receptivity awakens your willingness to be pleasantly surprised. The less you feel entitled to achieve your strict agenda, the more you attune yourself. The moment becomes vibrant with possibilities.

Latitude grows from an abundance mentality. You have enough and you are enough. You take the long view and apply today’s lessons to enrich tomorrow’s perspective. Explore this and feel your stress melt away.

As you use these tips to rid yourself of a backlog of anger, you provide yourself with an additional gift. You will find that issues that once hooked you are easier to disengage from. Over time, they may not bother you at all.

Not only does broadening the road aid your progress, it also makes the here and now a destination to enjoy.

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