Savor the Season by Slowing Down as You Travel Through Time

Fall Trees-Savor Seasons

Savor your transition times.

Finding time to embrace and savor the unique gifts of autumn will nurture your mind, body and spirit. (And while here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re focused on autumn, the same general concepts apply for our friends currently experiencing spring!)

That can be a challenge, though. Much as you might want to savor the changes around you, everyday tasks often claim your attention — sometimes to the exclusion of most everything else.

Still, I invite you to consider that there are many ways to open up to your moments. Often it’s more about the quality of your attention than about the amount of time you spend. So, here are five tips for you to try — I think they’ll help you savor and flow with this time of transition:

5 Tips to Help You Savor

1. Seasonal fragrances root you to your origins.

Autumn’s rich aromas can evoke a brilliant swirl of associations. What memories do the spices of fall evoke for you? By opening to early childhood sensations right down to your toes, you connect to your essential self.

Starting from this point of connection, identify a small, special pleasure of autumn that you can easily add to your day. Notice how this affects our relationship with time.

2. Autumn is an ideal time to harvest thanks.

The shortening days and chill winds may drive you indoors earlier. This is a wonderful time to harvest memories of your summer and enrich them with new insights. How will you carry the best forward? What dreams will warm and sustain you through the winter?

Glance over the past few months’ events posted in your monthly calendar. Select a time that inspires your gratitude. Consider one small, specific way your
appreciation might guide your choices this coming week. Notice how following through expands your sense of personal power.

Turning Inward, Savor Your Energy

3. Autumn is a season to bank your inner fires.

As the light wanes, you may wish to replenish yourself with inner abundance. This is an ideal time to access your storehouse of energy within.

Envision your heart and solar plexus area as a glowing core of energy. Breathe into this area and feel your body soften and relax. Let the cares of the day fall away. Schedule a few minutes every morning or evening to visit your “inner hearth”. Then carry the calm forward.

4. Autumn is a time to chart new paths.

Transition times often inspire fresh ideas and ambitions. Perhaps this is your opportunity to launch a project that has long sparked your imagination.

Let yourself play with possibilities one evening this week. Even a half hour with a notebook of scribbled associations can “seed” one of your best ideas ever. Close this brainstorming by identifying your first action step – something you can accomplish in a single sitting, and schedule it in. Take a deep breath. You’re on your way to a fresh adventure.

5. Remember to care for your body.

Perhaps new activities place special demands on your health and your energy.

See if you can resist the temptation to overextend. Listen for that inner voice of wisdom that tells you to slow down and savor. It will spare you needless aches and pains.

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  1. I really like this, Paula. Fall has always been a very special time of year for me, and this for many of the reasons you list above. I never understand when people complain about fall weather. I find that there is so much beauty to behold, even on the days when the sky is grey. Thank you for your tips to make the most of the this special time of year.

    • Hi David – I absolutely agree! Today has been one of those grey days you describe (with some much-needed rain). I often think that the colors are even more vibrant and beautiful when they are backed by a muted, grey sky. Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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