Savor Your Time and Save Your Sanity, Too: 10 Holiday Tips from Lifehacker

Savor the seasonSavor your time and it stretches.  That’s because while time itself is concrete and unchanging, our experience of it is highly subjective.

So, when you savor a moment, really let yourself relax and be in it, it feels longer.  And conversely, when you are stressed and rushed,  time feels like it is flying by!

The holidays are nearly upon us, and if you are like many people, no matter how thoroughly you have planned ahead, there are odds and ends that you have yet to finish up.  And maybe you have tasks that can’t be done until the last minute.

10 Tips:  Get Things Done So You Can Savor

Here are “10 Sanity-Saving Holiday Hacks” from lifehacker that can help you manage your time more efficiently and creatively as you prepare for, enjoy, and then pack away the holidays.  You’ll find tips here for coming up with interesting and inexpensive gifts, wrapping them, and then arranging all of your holiday decorations and supplies for storing ’til next year.

Personally, I love the simple and effective idea of putting an odd-shaped gift in a cereal box for easier wrapping.  What a great time-saver!

Save Time Now and Savor Later

So, I invite you to scan the sanity-saving hacks, pull out ideas that work for you, and give them a try.

Then, the most important thing, when all’s said and done, is to put aside all of the “doing” and let yourself breathe deep and just be in your holiday moments.  Savor with gratitude as you celebrate the season!

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