Saying Yes — The Heart-Based Art of Affirming YOU and Claiming Joy and Power

Look inside quote

There’s so much we each hold inside, waiting to be discovered.

Saying yes to standing in your power is an affirmation and celebration of life.

Today we’ll explore how saying yes in a heart-based way both grounds you and expands your potential.

Beyond Time Boundaries…

Time management strategies often focus heavily on saying no. It’s a powerful word that establishes and maintains all-important boundaries.

And it’s true that protecting your time from distractions and unnecessary or unreasonable demands helps you free it up to welcome special opportunities.

But when it comes to managing your time, saying yes is every bit as important as saying no. And sometimes it’s more challenging, because when you say yes to something you are proactively defining yourself. You are affirming something. As Mary Oliver asks in her poem, “The Summer Day”:

… Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

Opening Your Eyes and Heart

Your best preparation, as you think about what you want to say yes to, is cultivating a friendly inner dialog. Every caring question and searching response you provide helps you zero in on what matters the most.

And the more your priorities exist in harmony, the easier it gets to be decisive and to open new doors by saying yes. This is a process of unfolding self-knowledge.  You’ll be amazed about the things you didn’t know about yourself, as you open to this heart-based dialogue.

Getting Clear

You might ask yourself these foundational questions to start clarifying your preferences and priorities:

  1. What gives meaning to your life? List areas that you are drawn to.
  2. What activities relax you?
  3. Which ones energize you?
  4. How much of your time do you want to commit to working toward life goals?
  5. Do you prefer relating to one person at a time, or do you enjoy groups? Make note of situations that you seek out or avoid.

Write down your answers and sit with them for a bit, letting your thoughts and feelings percolate. Does anything in particular strike you? Write that down, too.

Look for patterns and possibilities…

Next, sort your answers into clusters and take note of any shared themes.

* Which activities align most naturally with your current priorities?

* What current pastimes would you like to say no to?

* Which new possibilities might you like to say yes to?

Examining these groups of activities and priorities is very revealing! For example, you might find that some habitual ways that you spend time conflict with goals you value.

Let go and flow…

As you simplify your life by letting go of what no longer fits, you experience a new level of flow. That’s because your time choices work together, supporting one another.

This extends beyond you, too. As your time choices harmonize, you send a clear and powerful message to those around you. You may be surprised by how you are supported on many levels as you open up to living the things you say yes to.

And boundaries surely do help…

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