Scarcity Mentality and Self-Criticism-Time Wasters Extraordinaire

Critical Voice

Scarcity and self-criticism are so destructive!

The scarcity mentality coupled with self-critical messages are two of the biggest time-wasters going. Why do I say that?

Well, a scarcity mentality knocks you off-track and puts you in a reactive stance that’s fundamentally dis-empowering.

Then your Inner Critic drones on, undermining your confidence as it points its shaming finger at you.

What’s needed is a time choice that shifts your focus back to your values. This in turn transforms your approach to time and time choices.

I call it values-driven time management, and it helps you keep your eye on the prize, no matter what obstacles you encounter.

How Scarcity and Self-Criticism Narrow Your World

Time is neutral: Time just is. There is no value or value judgment inherent in time. Values and value judgments surface around the choices you make about your time, but they have nothing to do with time itself.

Values-Driven Time Management vs. scarcity and critical energy: Scarcity and critical energy constrict choice. The two make very compatible, albeit destructive bedfellows.

Indeed, when it comes to making time-choices, critical energy can be as debilitating as fear of scarcity. What would it feel like to start looking at your time choices with curiosity and excitement … rather than with fear, self-criticism, and judgment?

Here’s something to try: Briefly document the choices that you make each day as you manage your time. Don’t judge … just document!

What pressures do you experience? What factors do you weigh as you make your time choices? And how do you feel after you’ve made them?

What’s the pattern of your time choices? Are they mainly reactive? Proactive? What do they look like?

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