Scarcity to Abundance: Replace Killer Time Lies with Powerful Affirmations

Scarcity to AbundanceScarcity is so constricting, isn’t it?

The good news is that scarcity (and especially time scarcity) is, in very large part, a mindset.  Yet finding time to tap into abundance and expand your horizons requires some focused effort. To make a strong start, one surefire step is to actively  challenge your outworn assumptions about time scarcity. Anytime you feel like a pawn instead of the major player in your life, you can treat that as an invitation to overcome a killer time lie!

Letting go of your scarcity mentality gives you an immediate energy boost.

I’m talking about a shift of perspective here, from scarcity to abundance.  What you create for yourself is a self-fulfilling prophecy of success as you give yourself the mental space to make wise time choices.  This affirmative power courses through you, right in this very moment.

It’s quite amazing to take in that really, all the time you need to live well is here and now. And you experience that directly when you are realistic, engaged and focused!

3 Swift Steps to Move from Scarcity to Abundance and Dissolve Your Killer Time Lies

Step #1: Stand up to your time lie.

Debunking myths is an exercise in assertiveness. It’s so easy to get caught in old patterns of thinking, and lose sight of how much energy gets trapped! But you really have all the power to usher those old distortions to the door. They may have had a place in your life, and you got used to making them feel at home. But now is the time you can invite in some new perspectives. Welcome your abundance mindset as you let go of scarcity thinking!

Step#2: Know what’s important to you right now.

As you expand your sense of time, consider what is the best way to spend your moments.  You needn’t see your time from a scarcity perspective, but it is still concrete and finite, so it’s important to prioritize what truly matters to you.

Step #3: Embrace your power to re-envision your time use.

As you work to dislodge old stubborn patterns of thought, try exploring what investments you’ve had in your system of beliefs. For example, you might ask yourself: “What is the payoff in telling myself that I will never have enough time?”

Rather than censor your thoughts, just let them flow, and jot them down. Chances are you’ll discover something new!

By identifying and then discarding each outworn payoff in the future, you help replace the illusion of time scarcity with more rewarding options.

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