Search Meter and Make JPEG Droplet: 2 Tools to Increase Productivity and Save Time

Search Meter-Check the DetailsSearch stats, as we learn from Sandra DeFreitas in her recent, informative blog post, offer very valuable information about what blog readers are looking for on your blog.  Her post is titled “How to Really Know What Your Visitors are Looking for so You Can Give it to Them!” – and I just love the idea of using real-time search information to discover what visitors to your blog (or WordPress site) are looking for.

Search Data:  First You Need a Search Box or Widget on Your Site

So, the first step in making good use of this powerful functionality is to make sure that your site offers visitors the ability to conduct a search.  To do that, go to “Plugins” and “Add New” – and I’d suggest doing a search on the word “Search.”  If that doesn’t work for you, try “Search Widget” or “Search Box.”  You’ll be greeted with quite a number of choices.

Search Plugin Selection:  One quick Tip

Select the one that looks best for your purposes … and one thing we  always check, before adding a plugin, is the information on the “Details” page.  You’ll want to see a large number of downloads, along with some fairly recent updates.  This data is a good reflection of the popularity of the plugin, and also of whether it is still being tended to by its developer.  (The image above shows the “Details” page for Akismet and if you click on it you’ll see a larger version.)

Search Data:  Now You’re Ready to Start Using  Search Meter

Once you have your search box in place, go ahead and add Search Meter.  Here’s a very clear and helpful video from Sandra’s post that walks you through the installation of Search Meter.

As Sandra notes, search data gives you an excellent source of ideas for blog posts.  We’ve installed Search Meter on The Time Finder today, and will be checking it as the days and weeks unfold, to see what you want to learn more about … so search away (or write us and tell us what you’d like to be reading more of here)!

Quick Bonus Tech Tip:  Make JPEG Droplet for iOS

My  VA just read about this on lifehacker and wanted to share it.  Make JPEG Droplet is a tool for Macs that enables users to quickly convert large image files into much more usable and shareable JPEG formats. Basically, once you install the app, you just drag your images (bitmap images, PSDs, PDFs, PNGs, and more) into the app icon to complete the conversion.  There’s no file editor to open – just drag and drop and you’re done!  Make JPEG Droplet also offers the ability to choose the size/quality JPEG you want to create (there are 3 choices).

Search Meter and Make JPEG Droplet are 2 time-saving tools that we thought you’d be interested in this Cyber Monday.  Are there other tools you’d like to read about next week?

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Search Meter or Make JPEG Droplet and have not received any compensation for sharing this content.

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