Autumn is Upon Us – Seasonal Change and Your Energy


Seasonal change – the rhythm is in your blood.

Autumn magic. As I write, here in rural New Hampshire, I wonder how this seasonal change is transforming your corner of the world. For some it marks the start of the pathway to winter, while for others it’s summer that beckons.

Either way, we feel the advent of autumn in our cells. It is a remarkable transition, and a time to savor. Recently I’ve discussed sudden change, and how it wrenches us from the familiar.

Seasonal change is different. We have moved to its rhythms since we were born.

Seasonal Change – What’s Your Picture of It?

And for each of us, through the years, a seasonal ‘picture’ emerges. It’s a rich tapestry of associations, woven out of our daily experiences.

So, what bright threads from your childhood color your life today? Perhaps the thin trill of a cricket, the spicy scent of leaves or the tang of wood smoke evokes a cascade of memories. New hues and layers of complexity are added if you move from north to south, or from city to country. Whether subtle or
stark, seasonal changes are echoed in our inmost selves.

Your Energy and Your Place

The interplay of inner rhythms and outer cycles affects your energy profoundly. As daylight wanes, your body may require different foods, exercise or sleep patterns.

In the midst of these powerful and timeless rhythms, our kinship to the rest of the universe asserts itself, too. As Mary Oliver writes so beautifully in her poem “Wild Geese”:

“… The world offers itself to your imagination,
Calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting
Over and over announcing your place
In the family of things.”

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, September marks the first time that most of us left the familiarity of home to encounter the promise and challenge of school. Like migrating birds, you may experience a surge of restlessness. Yet the cooler weather may beckon you to look inward, to reflect over the past months and plan ahead.

Fall is, after all, a time of paradox. You may move to different tempos as you seek to regain your equilibrium. And the richness of harvest can carry nostalgia for the summer.

Seasonal Change – A Time to Reflect

What a special time to pause, reflect and savor. Seasonal changes offer moments for opening your heart to fleeting beauty and to the child you once were.

Attuning yourself to your energy’s evolution through the year’s passage helps you access your intuition. Invite your insights to enrich your home, your heart and your business. Every aspect of your life is grounded in your essential connection to the earth as it winds its way through the seasons.

So, what’s your next choice going to be, as you embrace the change that is here for you right now?

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