Seasonal Transitions and Your Path — Mind, Body, and Spirit

fall river
Seasonal transitions…

Seasonal transitions often mark quite profound changes. While they arrive incrementally and can generally be planned for, they transform everyday life.

Last week we had some chilly New Hampshire moments and they reminded me that the transition into fall is underway.

The foliage is turning and, even in this year when so much is jarringly different, nature’s rhythms persist.

Seasonal transitions as mindful processes.

Unlike sudden changes, seasonal transitions are predictable. What this means, among other things, is that the power is in your hands to fashion your transitions in whatever manner you like.  They offer opportunities to reflect on and let go of what is past and to prepare for what lies ahead. Taking a mindful path through transitions is a powerful experience adding depth and color to your experience of time.

And it’s cultural, too…

If you step back and think about it, you’ll notice that many holidays are founded in seasonal transitions. And the roots of many religious rituals can be traced to seasonal observances.

The time of the Winter Solstice, for example, includes many celebrations of light, both in religious lore and in the traditions that accompany many cultural celebrations.

The rhythm of transitions is at once unsettling and stirring to the human heart.

Mind, Body and Spirit

I like to approach my planned, seasonal transitions on three levels.  I think of them as corresponding to the mind, the body, and the spirit.

  • Mind: This is the engine of my transition planning.  I pull out my templates from the previous year’s transition into fall, review the tasks involved, and set aside the time to attend to each.  And I keep track of what works and what doesn’t. This information always gets recorded on my templates for the following year.
  • Body: These are the aspects of my transition that have to do with my practical, concrete, everyday life.  I tend to tasks like putting away summer clothes (sorting and de-cluttering as I go).  Then I pull out fall and winter clothes and put my gardens to bed for the winter. And, again, as I do this I am always culling and organizing as I go.  This is all about preparing my physical world for the coming season.

And last, but definitely not least…

  • Spirit: These physical changes are accompanied by reflection, gratitude, anticipation, and letting go at each step of the process.  I deeply value the transitional tasks of looking back on what has been and thinking about what is to come.  Pausing to reflect while managing transitional times always deepens and enriches the experience — often in ways that you could never imagine or predict.

How have you started to think about the transition into fall?

How are you feeling about this change of season? 

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