Self-Care Rituals Soothe You and Refresh Your Time

Self-Care RitualsSelf-care is a fundamental key to our health, success and enjoyment of life.

Yet, when our days get busy, self-care is often the thing that we set aside.  This can be especially true for many women, as we are socialized to place self-care rather low in our hierarchy of priorities.

So, while most of us can’t deny that life gets way too busy, in order to embrace all that life has to offer, we need to move self-care much closer to the top of our priorities.

Making Self Care a Top Priority

Establishing (and practicing) rituals to take care of your mind, body and spirit provide rejuvenating and soothing oases in your life that ripple outward. These rituals contribute to the contentment and joy you feel in everything you do.

Not only that, but self-care rituals remind you of how important you are to YOU – forging bonds of self-trust that are vital to your growth and success.

Here are a few self-care rituals to consider.  As you read through them, feel free to add others that soothe and refresh you.  We are all unique, and different rituals may work better for you, so don’t be afraid to tweak these!

1. Exercise. Exercising relieves your stress and rejuvenates both your mind and body.

  • Even if you just exercise 10 or 15 minutes twice a day (morning and evening), getting the physical activity your body craves will revive your mood and enrich your life profoundly.
  • Try a 10-minute walk to give your mind a rest or lift your spirits. Whether you choose a brisk pace or a slow saunter to admire the landscape, consider this self-care activity a gift to yourself.

2. Re-acquaint yourself with the spaciousness and depth that nature provides. Nothing relaxes and nurtures like getting outdoors.

  • Find time to pause and listen to the birds.
  • Take a few minutes to pull some weeds, smell the autumn leaves, or go for a walk in the park.

3. Set aside time to do something you really love to do.

  • Maybe you love to read but struggle to find the time to do it with other tasks tugging at you. Or perhaps you like to sew or work with wood. No matter what the activity, find some time to make it happen.
  • Even if it’s every other day or once a week, an important part of self-care is doing what makes your heart sing.

BONUS TIP: Stay in touch with your feelings.

  • When you’re honest with yourself about how you feel, you’ll have more peace and contentment inside. We sometimes judge our feelings, but that just keeps them hidden; they don’t go away. Compassionate acceptance of your feelings is key to your self-care.
  • Living your life based on your real feelings can be a challenge, especially at first. But the more you do it, the more natural it feels – and the rewards are great.

Engaging in activities and rituals that soothe you deep inside enriches your day-to-day existence. A regular practice of self-care also demonstrates that you truly recognize your own worth. Discover a deeply satisfying life through practicing mind, body and spirit-soothing, self-care rituals.

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  1. I appreciate the ideas here! I often feel so overwhelmed just trying to accomplish tasks, that it feels impossible to remember the simple rituals that bring peace and satisfaction – to make it all worthwhile…

  2. Hi Pippa – and thank you for stopping by! I couldn’t agree more with your comment, too!

    It’s vital to not let productivity become so much the focus that we begin to drain our moments of meaning. This is always a danger, but is especially so during the holiday season – and especially poignant when it happens.

    Remember, the goal is to find time for what matters MOST! So stay in tune with your heart, and I know you will find the way.



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