Self-Critical Messages: Don’t Let Them Devour Your Time!

Self-Critical MessagesSelf-critical messages probably eat up as much time and energy as positive, productive activity does.  But when all’s said and done, those self-critical messages leave you with nothing to show for that time and energy … EXCEPT more grist for that negative, nagging inner critic!

Self-Critical Messages Hurt

It’s a vicious cycle, and the good news is that there is a way to step in and stop it.  You see, once you begin to recognize those messages and see where they come from, you have a huge piece of information that will help you turn all that negativity around.

So read on for a timely tip from my new Exercise and Guide Book titled “‘These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!’ How to Use Positive Self-Talk to Save Your Sanity and Your Time!” 

Time is the fundamental element of our lives. The quality of each and every one of our moments is important. Time is the arena where we achieve … or undermine … our dreams. And those voices that drive you crazy? They are nothing but undermining!

Self-Critical MessagesWe all carry these inner messages with us. And we learned them in our earliest years from family, friends, teachers and other significant people in our lives. As we grow into adulthood, those old messages don’t go away.

Positive or negative, helpful or unhelpful, these voices, quite literally, become the backdrop of your life. They are a constant murmuring that affects how you feel about yourself, how you approach problems and, in the end, how successful or unsuccessful you are.

But Do You Hear What You Tell Yourself?

If you had a friend who constantly undermined you, saying things that sapped your energy and were downright insulting, would you continue to spend time with that person? My guess is that you would not.

So try slowing down for a moment. Right now. Let yourself be quiet. Listen to the messages that you are giving yourself. Do they sound all that different from that negative friend of yours? My guess is they do not.

Here’s the Bottom Line

Your life is precious, as is your time. You deserve to live in a meaningful and satisfying way. And you possess everything you need, this very instant, to start doing just that.

There is a clear, heart-based path to the life you want to be living. And this isn’t magic that I am talking about. However, it involves a level of self-knowledge that is so simple, empowering, and transformative that it can FEEL like magic.

You Don’t Have to Keep Listening to Self-Critical Messages!

If you’d like to learn about the ways that your self-criticism undermines you … and stop letting those hurtful voices hold you hostage!  Click the link to get started!

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