Self-Criticism: See It, Stop It, and Find Time

Self-CriticismSelf-criticism is one of the most debilitating time traps that we engage in … and many of us do it without even knowing.

We all have voices that chatter in our heads throughout the day. and they directly shape our time choices. 

One of the most strident, demeaning, and debilitating of these voices is that of self-criticism – or The Inner Critic.

Self-Criticism-What it Does

This insidious voice steals your time, takes you out of the moment, and distorts how you feel about yourself and the world around you.

And it’s not just the words, but also the disdainful, judging tone of voice, the rolling of the eyes, and the wagging of the index finger that compound the energy of your self-criticism.

Self Criticism-How It Sounds

Do any of these statements or questions sound familiar?

  • What are you doing THAT for?
  • You should NEVER do it that way!
  • You ought to do it THIS way!
  • If you worked harder, you could succeed.
  • You should be getting straight A’s!

There are many variations on these statements. Some hold a judgment. Others are designed to inhibit you or make you feel guilty.

Self-Criticism-Rooting It Out

Here’s a revealing exercise:

1. Write down a critical message you give yourself regularly.

2. Under the critical message, answer these 2 questions:

  • How do you respond to this criticism?
  • How does your response affect your daily time choices?

3. Now counter this critical message with a strong message in your reasonable, calm, adult voice.

4. Under your adult reply, answer 2 follow-up questions:

  • How does your energy change with this alternative message?
  • What do you learn?

As you repeat this exercise you will learn how to recognize the voice of the inner critic, see and feel how it undermines you, and offer an alternative response that is grounding and validating.

Writing down your responses provides you with objectivity and you discover how unrealistic and unnecessary yourself-criticism really is. As you reassert control over the messages you give yourself, your power over your time multiplies, as well.

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