Self-Talk to Power Up Your Energy, Effectiveness and Time!

Self Talk - What Do YOU Say?Self-talk forms the silent backdrop to our lives.  Half-heard yet powerful, we all do it and it impacts us profoundly.

If you’ve ever meditated, you’ve had a good window on the droning and subliminally distracting self-talk that you engage in all the time.

For each of us the voices differ, influenced by our histories, the people in our lives, the messages they gave us from day one, and the way that we integrated those messages.  The common thread is that what had been said by someone else gradually becomes what we say to ourselves.

Self-Talk:  No Small Matter

A recent study published in the journal of the American Psychological Association highlights this very point.  Titled “Getting Excited Helps with Performance Anxiety More Than Trying to Calm Down, Study Finds” the study zeroes in on the power of self-talk.

In one experiment, 140 participants (63 men and 77 women) were told to prepare a persuasive public speech on why they would be good work partners. To increase anxiety, a researcher videotaped the speeches and said they would be judged by a committee. Before delivering the speech, participants were instructed to say “I am excited” or “I am calm.” The subjects who said they were excited gave longer speeches and were more persuasive, competent and relaxed than those who said they were calm, according to ratings by independent evaluators.

The good news here about your self-talk is that the messages you give yourself are entirely up to you.  Once you become conscious of them, you can change them.

Positive self-talk gives your moments an entirely different frame, as illustrated by the study above.  When you tell yourself that you are excited (as opposed to anxious) that affects how you view the road ahead, which in turn affects how you experience it.

The energy you bring, the choices you make, even the things you notice  … all of these things are affected by the self-talk that you give yourself.  So why not make conscious decisions to engage in the kind of self-talk that nourishes and energizes?

Here’s to your time success!

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  1. Wow, this was interesting. I never thought of self-talk that way. It’s always there isn;t it, but one never really thinks how much of an importance it has and how much of an effect it has on us! Interesting 🙂

    • Hi liisur –

      Glad we crossed paths again – and I am so happy that you found this post interesting. Paying attention to self-talk is incredibly revealing, AND empowering. I’d love to hear (or read about) how this idea evolves for you.



  2. Hi Paula
    Thanks for this timely reminder that we can choose what we say to ourselves depending on the outcome we want. And awareness of what we are already saying (but don’t know) is the first step.
    Keep up your great blogging – I’m sharing!

    • Hi Judith –
      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the kind words. You are so right about that first step (awareness of what we are saying to ourselves). Changing ingrained patterns can be a challenge AND it is so very empowering!

  3. nice one. a great advice. I never thought of self-talk that way.

  4. self talk is so, so important. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Wendy. I’m glad you liked this post – and I enjoyed dipping into the excellent organizing information you offered today on your blog. A great way to start 2014!

  5. Hi Paula. Great post and a timely reminder that our self-talk really does affect our reality. Often we don’t realise what our thoughts are actually saying about us. When I first started to meditate, I was actually quite shocked when I caught the volume and tone of my thoughts. After a while they began to take on personalities and voices of people from my past and I could begin to let go and change them. Life is much more peaceful and successful now! Regards, Andrea

    • Hi Andrea – It sounds like you gave yourself a wonderful gift as your meditation opened your eyes and you chose to notice, listen, and let go. Isn’t it amazing, how draining that negative self-talk can be?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience and insights.



  6. This is something I do always. When m sad, frustrated or even happy… I take it all on myself by my self talks, esp during driving. 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my space 🙂

    • Hi Sheethal – Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you use self-talk well.

      Personally, though, I’d be careful about doing it while driving.

    • If you’re really focused on your self-talk, you may be distracted from your driving.
    • On the other hand, since you are (hopefully) focused on your driving, you won’t be fully engaged in your self-talk.
    • To your time success – and I look forward to continuing to follow your writing.



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