SEO Today: Find Time to Optimize in Penguin's Eyes!

Finding time to optimize your website so that Google likes it is a challenge that many on-line entrepreneurs and SEO experts are wrestling with these days.  The good news, based on everything I’ve read, is that if you are sharing valuable content and not trying to ‘game’ the system, you are probably in pretty good shape.

That’s because the main intent of the recent algorithm changes that Google launched with Google Penguin was to reward content-rich websites.  At the same time, Penguin penalizes sites whose SEO practices were aimed at manipulating the search engines, perhaps more than they were aimed at offering useful information.  So, to a degree, having your site be in sync with these algorithm changes is a matter of common sense.

Here are some important points (from a variety of sources) to keep in mind, as you contemplate your SEO strategies, going forward.  It’s worth your time to take a look at the posts and articles that we link to below, as they go into detail about both the changes Penguin initiates (or continues), as well as offering practical tips for meeting the challenge.

Your engagement on the social media front is growing in importance.

This is emphasized by Sacha Griffiths in her article Basic SEO Do’s and Don’ts post Panda/Penguin on Fourth Source:

Say YES to social media. Although some experts question the benefit of social media in B2B environments, it is a must for SEO purposes as it is becoming increasingly more prominent in regards to search engine rankings. Make sure your social media channels are fully optimised with those important links back to the landing pages. However, don’t just set up your social media account and let it rot. You have to be socially engaged and active to fully see the benefits of social media.

Keywords are key, and need to be used in a meaningful way. 

Again, common sense and usefulness to the reader are ruling principles.  Here’s  what I mean, as described by Erin Everhart in What Google’s Penguin Algorithm Means for Your Business on Mashable:

With Penguin in place, you still need to have your keywords in your content. That’s how search engines know what your site is about. But you shouldn’t have your keywords as every other word, bolded in your text. That’s spam. Here’s how to keep your keywords in check:

  • Don’t write your content first and then put your keywords in. It will look unnatural. Have your keywords in mind and naturally incorporate them as you write.
  • Reread your body content. If it sounds shady, it probably is.
  • Title Tags: Still put your most important keyword first in your title tag, but make sure you have your brand name in there, too. I follow this formula: “Main Keyword | Company Name | Secondary Keyword”
  • Image optimization: Name your images your keyword names only if they related to that keyword. For ALT attributes, they should describe the picture, which hopefully will include your keyword and some other descriptive words as well.

SEO Optimization for WordPress.

If you have a WordPress Blog, as we do, you may want to take a look at WordPress SEO Plugins, Post Penguin for some help.

I also highly recommend the ever-practical and SEO savvy Joost de Valk on his website Yoast.  He offers good solid advice about SEO (along with other technical matters), gives clear, step-by-step explanations, and has an excellent WordPress SEO plugin that we use on this blog.  In a post aimed at who think their traffic may have been affected by Panda and/or Penguin,  he writes about the common-sense aspects of these algorithm changes.  The post is titled Penguin, Panda, it’s not that black and white …

So how do you get your traffic back? By getting your site re-aligned with Google’s values. If you’ve lost in the Panda update or Penguin update and now recently lost a lot of traffic again, Google is sending you a message: your website doesn’t fit our idea of quality. Fix that. Don’t try to remove the one or two links that you think might have hurt you.

Penguin’s changes and updates can be reframed as opportunities to refresh and revitalize your web content.  It entails work, but really, when you step back and think about it, it’s all to the good!

I hope you find this information helpful, and if you’re a small business owner, consultant, or entrepreneur who would like to learn more about creating and maintaining a successful business, then this is for you!

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