Setting Time Boundaries — How to Make Working from Home Workable

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Setting time boundaries is a skill…

Setting time boundaries is a key component in your time management toolbox. 

And during these times of remote learning, social distancing, and working from home, setting time boundaries is key to your success — AND your survival.

But it’s not just a matter of setting those boundaries.  You have to maintain them – and that’s not always easy. Illustrating this is a question that Sara D in Maine recently sent me:

“I have trouble maintaining the boundaries that I set around how I use my time. I set them and then I get talked out of them.”

Setting Time Boundaries — 3 Quick Tips:

This is not an uncommon problem by any means.  When you have demands coming at you from many different directions, it’s easy to get pulled off-course. Remembering that your time boundaries affect others is a good starting point. From that starting point, then plan ahead for some predictable scenarios.

Here are 3 quick tips that I shared with Sara. I hope they will help you, too.

  • Be sure to decide, before going into a discussion with others about your boundaries, whether or not the boundaries you have set are negotiable or non-negotiable.
  • If they are negotiable, strive ahead of time for a compromise that meets the needs of everyone involved.
  • If they are non-negotiable, courteously explain in the beginning that these boundaries probably won’t be modified in the short term, and explain why.

Follow-through and Flexibility

When you follow-through on a boundary you set you are keeping a promise — one that you’ve made to yourself and to others. This builds trust on all fronts.

It’s always important to enlist the support of others as much as possible.  When you ask the people in your life to support your boundaries, it’s a good idea to also assure them that you will be open to discussing and perhaps modifying your boundaries if (or when) your current time requirements change.

This builds in room for flexibility down the road, and may be helpful to everyone in respecting the boundary you’re setting in the present.

Follow-through makes your boundaries meaningful, and flexibility makes them inclusive and friendly.

So, how are you using time boundaries in your life today? And how are you staying true to them? 

Here’s more help…

Setting and maintaining boundaries is a skill that makes everything else in your life possible. And it’s a difficult challenge for lots of smart, motivated people. People like you.

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  • Set and maintain boundaries to enhance your productivity and, yes, make more money;
  • Recharge your energy so you have the time and freedom to do what you value and what you’d like to do in your life; and
  • Learn how to say no, which opens the door to your next big Yes.

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