Skating on Thin Ice? How to Avoid This Dangerous Pitfall

thin ice
Are you skating on thin ice?

Skating on thin ice.

Does that phrase sound familiar?

When you were growing up, how many of you occasionally heard an adult in your life say, “Careful, you’re skating on thin ice”? 

I know I did. And I bet quite a few of you did, too. 

And we all had a pretty good idea of where we were headed when we heard someone say we were skating on thin ice.

Skating on thin ice today…

Do you ever have that feeling now? 

I don’t mean the feeling that you’re going to get into trouble with Mom or Dad. But do you ever feel like you’re on a slippery and not-so-sturdy surface?

It’s not a good feeling. And, in fact, it can be quite dangerous.

The root of the feeling lies in losing touch with ourselves.  We get busy.  Lots of different tasks, people, and interests clamor for our attention. And then we find ourselves going through day after day after day, hardly pausing for a breath.

The longer we go on like that, the more likely we are to experience frustration, overwhelm, and feelings of victimization.  Rather than leading our lives, we are being led by them.  Our nerves get frayed, tempers get short, and tolerance for frustration melts away. 

Yes, at this point the ice is getting thin.

You can change this…

And the thing is, it’s not because we are busy that we are experiencing these feelings.  In all likelihood, we’re always going to be busy. So, that’s not the problem. 

The problem is that we’ve let ourselves get lost in all that busy-ness.

So what that “thin ice” feeling offers us is an important wake-up call.  It tells us that it’s time to stop what we are doing and reconnect with ourselves — with our warm, human hearts. 

This doesn’t have to take a lot of time. 

But what it does take is a commitment and a willingness to open and explore and, most importantly LISTEN.  Listen to what your heart has to say and you reconnect with your core — your wellspring.

This puts your feet back under you and on solid ground — no more treacherous, thin ice to worry about.

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