Snowstorms: Gifts or Disasters — You Get to Choose

How do you see snowstorms?

Snowstorms are a fact of life here in New Hampshire.

The weather is one ingredient in our lives that often presents tests for our agility and flexibility.

And reframing these situations as opportunities rather than recoiling from them is powerful. It’s a seemingly small choice that offers you an endless wellspring of energy.

Fundamentally, it’s all about dealing with the unexpected. And this is a time management skill that we all do well to develop and practice. 

Yes, we’ve had some snowstorms.

Here in the Northeast, this morning, we are seeing the results of a long, slow, icy string of snowstorms.

As the snow fell it closed schools and snarled traffic. And, from a time management perspective, it wreaked havoc on people’s plans and schedules. 

Meetings were canceled or postponed. Deliveries were delayed. And any plans people had in place prior to the arrival of the string of snowstorms had to be altered.

So, how do you respond when your plans are disrupted?

Don’t panic.

For many of us, when a packed To-Do List gets knocked off-schedule, our first reaction is to panic.  “How am I going to fit everything in NOW?” you may think to yourself. 

And it’s true, that will be a challenge.  However, in situations like snowstorms, remind yourself that everyone’s schedule is thrown out of whack. 

You aren’t alone. You’re in the midst of a shared experience. And recognizing this goes a long way toward reducing your stress.

Still stressed? Try this:

If feelings of overwhelm or victimization continue to sap your energy, that’s a sign that you need to step in and take charge.

So, stop whatever you’re doing, and shift gears with these 4 simple steps:

  • Make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate.
  • Sit quietly for a few moments, breathing deeply and settling into yourself.
  • When you feel relaxed and ready, pull out a notebook or your journal.
  • Make a list of at least 5 things that you are grateful for right now, even as the snow flies.

You’ll be amazed at how different your day looks to you after you’ve engaged fully in this simple exercise. 

Why does this work?

Well, first, when you pause and make yourself a cup of tea you shift your focus from the unexpected upheaval (whatever it is) to YOU. 

This is a powerful moment. You are putting yourself back in charge of yourself and your time. Not only that, but you give those feelings of victimization clear notice that they aren’t going to hold sway in your life today.

Second, when you identify things you’re grateful for in this moment you give yourself a fundamental and energizing shift in perspective.  You begin to see the opportunities, rather than just the downside, in the upheaval that you’re experiencing. 

Your day takes on a different cast, and you find yourself more able to “greet” it and make the most of each moment.

What a simple and powerful way to let gratitude transform your world.

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Do you ever feel like change is coming at you too fast, or like it just arrives, uninvited, out of the blue?

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