Social Networking Challenges? Here are 3 Tips to Help

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Don’t let social networking devour your time.

Finding time is a challenge when social networking is on your to-do list. That’s because it can be so tempting to get ‘lost’ in cyberspace.

So, what can you do when you are at your computer and temptations like web-surfing, some ‘extracurricular’ social-networking, Google, and/or Amazon tug at you?

Indeed, this is one of the premier challenges of our world today.

How do you maintain focus and stay in charge of your time while staying connected online?

3 Social Networking Tips to Keep You on Track and In Charge

  • Keep a social networking log for a week. How much time do you actually spend on social media?  Record the time you spend and how you are spending it.  Use broad categories.  Make no judgments.  Just record the facts.  Once you have the facts, you can make informed choices.
  • Keep your goal in mind when you use social media. Don’t give in to the temptation to read all the interesting tweets and posts you see. Stick to your plan and stay on task. Keep a running list of interesting items you notice. Promise yourself that you will set aside time to check them out later.  This makes it easier to let them go NOW.
  • Set time parameters for your task, so you don’t get lost. It is very easy to lose time while you are on the computer.  Use a timer to set a stop time for yourself. Then be sure to stop when the timer goes off.

Remember, if time on the internet is taking you away from other things you need to be doing, you need to pay attention to that.  View this as an opportunity to look at your priorities and take charge of your choices.  When you take more positive control of your social networking activity, you will not only be finding more focus … you will also be finding time.

And here’s more help for you…

For web-based solopreneurs and small business owners, it’s always important to be visible and active on social networks. But it’s challenging because distractions on the web are tempting – and when you’re busy, that can be disastrous.

Maybe you give in – just for a second. Then you feel like you’ve wasted time, fallen further behind, and your stress grows. It’s an energy-draining cycle that no one needs. So, today I’m sharing a new Finding Time resource. It’s titled “Step Out of the Social Media Trap: 5 Keys to Engagement and Success While Staying on Top of Your Time” and it contains tips, tools and practical advice that I’ve shared with my clients through time. Now I’m sharing it with you.

Social networking needn’t be a time drain for you. So Step Out of the Social Media Trap offers a blueprint for setting and maintaining time boundaries and increasing your productivity.

It applies to your online work and also to LOTS of other areas in your life.

Eliminate the frustration of this sneaky time trap. Here’s your very own, step-by-step, time-saving guide that will help you create your Social Media Time Plan and find time for what matters most to you. Learn more HERE.

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