Social Networking, Time Boundaries and the Social Media Trap

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Social networking doesn’t have to be a trap.

Social networking is a powerful tool and a potentially devastating time drain. Millions of people connect every day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

And yet, there are plenty of people who see this as a major time trap and a reflection of self-absorption run amok.

Take Twitter, for example…

For many, Twitter is a very valuable means of sharing information and fostering connections.  It is a fluid community, in which you choose whose updates to “follow” – and others choose whether or not to follow you.  Those choices shape the kinds of conversations that flow your way.  It’s in your hands.

Twitter is a rich venue for discovering people with common interests and coming upon resources and bits of interesting information that you might never otherwise have known.  And yet, this fluidity also means that there are temptations and opportunities to be pulled off-track at every turn.

Social networking is like that, pretty much no matter what platform you use.

Time Boundaries are Key

So, what can be most challenging is setting and maintaining time boundaries when using social media. It’s so easy to get caught up in conversations – either as a participant or simply as an observer.  Time goes by, and you find yourself regretting lost moments before you know it.

As with so many other elements of time management, it is key to be able to say “No” to certain things at certain times, so that you can say “Yes” to other possibilities and responsibilities in your life.

Saying “No” is Okay

For many it’s as simple (and as challenging) as saying “No” to the temptation of checking Twitter or Facebook “just once more.”

It may also mean saying “No” to an interesting topic and sticking to your focus. And remember that adding the new topic to a list for later will make your letting go in the moment that much easier. A “No” in the moment isn’t necessarily for all time.  You can come back later.  The key is to be true to the time boundaries that you set, and to make your time choices be conscious ones.

So, do you use social media now?  If so, how do you use it, and how do you feel about the time you spend on it?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Here’s something more for you…

For web-based solopreneurs and small business owners, it’s always important to be visible and active on social networks. But it’s challenging because distractions on the web are tempting – and when you’re busy, that can be disastrous.

Maybe you give in – just for a second. Then you feel like you’ve wasted time, fallen further behind, and your stress grows. It’s an energy-draining cycle that no one needs. So, today I’m sharing a new Finding Time resource. It’s titled “Step Out of the Social Media Trap: 5 Keys to Engagement and Success While Staying on Top of Your Time” and it contains tips, tools and practical advice that I’ve shared with my clients through time. Now I’m sharing it with you.

Social networking needn’t be a time drain for you. So Step Out of the Social Media Trap offers a blueprint for setting and maintaining time boundaries and increasing your productivity.

It applies to your online work and also to LOTS of other areas in your life.

Eliminate the frustration of this sneaky time trap. Here’s your very own, step-by-step, time-saving guide that will help you create your Social Media Time Plan and find time for what matters most to you. Discover more HERE.

Let’s explore time together …

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