Solitude Nourishes — How to Create This Gift for Yourself

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Solitude nourishes you…

Solitude nourishes us in many ways. It offers space to relax and refresh. And it provides a platform for reflection.

Another way that solitude nourishes is by helping us create a place where we can feel gratitude.

I’ve written, here on The Time Finder, about the amazing impact that the Attitude of Gratitude can have on each and every moment of our lives.  If you have felt its effect, you know what a deepening and expansive experience the transforming power of thankfulness can be.

How solitude nourishes…

And today, let’s focus on another place where you can make time choices that will create life-enhancing energy for yourself.  Specifically, let’s explore how you can create personal sanctuaries in your life and replenish yourself with solitude.

Creating solitude for yourself is basically a matter of setting time boundaries and then following through with them to create spaces of quiet in your day.

It helps if you can be in a place that is relatively free of distractions — a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

The only thing that you need is yourself.

Solitude is a gift that you can give to yourself wherever you are and whenever you choose.

Where gratitude looks outward with appreciation, your sanctuary of solitude turns and looks inward with a similar feeling of appreciation. And as with the attitude of gratitude, in your silent sanctuary, you feel relaxed, you exhale and let go.

You know that you have everything that you need right inside of yourself.  Solitude nourishes, and peace comes.

As I wrote in an article about creating a Personal Sanctuary with Solitude:

That is why solitude is essential. It strengthens the very core of your wisdom. And strength begets courage. When you dispel that gnawing illusion that you desperately need something dangling just out of reach in the perpetual future, you can make time decisions that are grounded and realistic.

In your solitude you come to see, right in your very core, that you have enough and you ARE enough. There is nothing else that you need.

Giving yourself the gift of solitude, along with the attitude of gratitude, will stand you on solid ground in each moment of your life.

How will you create this for yourself, starting today?  What will be your first step?

More help discovering how solitude nourishes…

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