Sometimes Low-Tech is the Way to Go. What Do You Choose?

Low-Tech Tools

Low-Tech is OK, too.

Low-tech isn’t exactly a buzz word in our high-tech world. – do you feel like you have to choose?

And do you sometimes feel like the odd-person out?

The thing is that when it comes to getting and staying organized, we’re barraged by a steady flow of new technological tools. They are constantly being developed and tweaked. And keeping up with it all can be overwhelming.

Step back and think about it: how much time do you think you spend in a single week, just updating apps and software? And then the updates change your workflow, so it often takes time to adjust to those changes, too.

I enjoy sharing the technological innovations that come to my attention from time to time. But in my own work life, I tend to prefer the simple approach, and I find that a low-tech work-style has many pluses for me. The key is to find what works best for you.

Organic Connection

So, one thing about writing that I have long loved is the connection of hand to pen and hand to paper.

The flow of writing, the sounds as my pen and my hand move across the paper – these are things that I don’t want to sacrifice – even for the enhanced efficiency that a computer offers.

It’s an organic connection that is very grounding.  Another plus for me is that the physical process of writing leads me to slow down. That, in and of itself, is a rejuvenating gift in this fast-paced world.

Low Tech To-Do List?

Likewise, managing your time choices and time priorities with a To-Do List is a key tool.  Whether you use a computer-based, web-based, or handwritten To-Do List is a matter of personal preference. So, again, I would encourage you to experiment and see what works best for you.

Bottom line? You get to choose…

Maybe writing a first draft by hand gives you the organic connection you want, and then the computer can be used for polishing and editing.

Or maybe your post-it notes work better for you than an iPhone.

Then again, perhaps you like the sound of a keyboard clicking.

You know better than anyone else what’s going to help you stay on track.  Give yourself the space to experiment and explore. YOU make the choices – and there is certainly a large and interesting smorgasbord of possibilities to choose from.

If technology sometimes feels like a trap to you…

Here’s something that helps with that challenge.

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Technology, social networking, and social media needn’t be a time drain for you. So Step Out of the Social Media Trap offers a blueprint for setting and maintaining time boundaries and increasing your productivity.

It applies to your online work and also to LOTS of other areas in your life.

Eliminate the frustration of this sneaky time trap. Here’s your very own, step-by-step, time-saving guide that will help you create your Social Media Time Plan and find time for what matters most to you. Learn more HERE!

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