Spinning Your Tires? Get Unstuck by Opening Up and Letting Go

Writing block get unstuck

Get unstuck by letting go…

Feeling stuck is no fun. Especially when you’re busy or working on a deadline, getting unstuck becomes a priority.

Yet the more stressed you feel, the harder it is to free yourself.

Have you had that experience? When you’re stressed and stuck, spinning your tires faster isn’t going to help.

And this is true, whether you’re working under stress or not. The solution, when it comes to getting unstuck, might actually feel a little counter-intuitive.

Here’s an example…

The other afternoon I had found some time and decided to work ahead on some blog posts.  I settled down at my desk, looked at my sheet of paper, and almost immediately got stuck. (Yes, my preference is to do my writing in longhand to start.)

Anyway, the ideas just weren’t coming. Even though I wasn’t working under a deadline at all, as the moments ticked by my stress amped up. I could feel my body starting to tense, and my mind constricting rather than opening.

Recognizing that I was headed toward a dead-end, I took a deep breath and changed course. Making a very deliberate decision, I relaxed my muscles and this slowly allowed my mind to do the same. I just breathed in and out. I focused only on my breath, letting go with each out breath, and then telling myself that I was letting in creative energy with each inhalation.

Gradually, I could feel myself relaxing back into the moment.  When I opened my eyes I remembered my collection of Finding Time Tips – weekly tips with action steps addressing all sorts of time-related challenges. Choosing one of those as a jumping-off point was a perfect antidote to feeling stuck.

Get unstuck with this tip…

So, here’s the tip that I pulled out:

TIP: Any big project can be broken into small chunks.

ACTION STEP: Break your project into time chunks that fit the times you have available. If you still encounter problems, consider simplifying the steps further.  If necessary, factor in time to sort out what’s blocking the progress.

Next, I focused on what was blocking my progress. I realized that I needed to start writing from right where I was.  So, I started with the feeling of being stuck, and I wrote this post.

Then, once I was moving again, the frames of several more posts emerged, and I was able to add them to my collection.

Step back to step in…

Finding time to get unstuck is often a matter of first relaxing and then reaching out and picking up one of the tools that you have at hand (as I did with my collection of tips).

As soon as you take one step, another will follow. That’s a sure bet.

So, how do you handle feeling stuck?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear.

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