Spot Self-Talk that Has You Stuck and Start Moving Again

Stuck in Sand

Being stuck is no fun at all.

Being stuck is no fun. The world moves all around you while you stand still, feeling like you’re falling further and further behind.

Stress builds as options narrow.

Last week I shared some creative questions to help you step out of this debilitating cycle  in a post titled Stuck? 5 Tips Get You Moving Again.

Sometimes, you can work wonders by exercising your mind’s innate flexibility. Asking unexpected questions can help your brain transition from old ruts to new routes!

Today I am going to enlarge on that post with a tip to help you start recognizing the self-talk that undermines your confidence and keeps you spinning your wheels.

Stepping Away from Stuck

Tip: Learn to spot the self-talk that keeps you stuck.

Self-sabotaging messages usually rely on what I call stealth delivery. When you detect the message and scrutinize it, you rob it of much of its power. In the full light of day, self-sabotage doesn’t look so good!

Action Step: Listen for these voices so you can quickly recognize and intercept them.

Here are some of the typical voices you can watch out for:

  • “I can’t!” signals overwhelm. Break your task into small chunks and enter each step on your calendar.
  • “It’s too upsetting!” indicates that you are empowering your feelings. Bring in a supportive mantra and talk yourself through the rough spots.
  • “Oh no! What if … ?” reveals a tendency to see some challenges as catastrophes. Reframe this challenge as an opportunity – and keep going.

Stuck Doesn’t Need to Be a Permanent State

As you consistently quell your nay-saying voices, you grow more proactive. That is because you are giving your grounded, realistic voice the last word, then backing it up with constructive action!

You may even experience a shift in your psychic center of gravity. Instead of hanging back, you’re steady on your feet, and ready to move straight ahead.

One of the finest rewards for wisely governing this inner village of voices is feeling less threatened by life’s ongoing changes. When you actively welcome challenges, you become more skilled at perceiving new developments. So you have more time to prepare for what is coming your way.

You can see how moving one step beyond stuck can turn into a profound exercise in embracing life.

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