Spring Cleaning and You: 3 Timely Tips

Spring CleaningSpring cleaning can be many things to many people.  The energy that you bring to it has a profound effect on how it feels to you.

Spring Cleaning:  How Do You See It?

For some, spring cleaning is one of those  energizing seasonal rituals that opens up possibilities.  As you let in sunshine and fresh air, and clear out debris and clutter, you let go of an old season and make room for the new!  You are taking charge of this transition … and celebrating it!

Approached as a chore, however, spring cleaning tasks are likely to feel like … well … chores.  And if you add in the fact that you have limited time and energy to devote to decluttering and spring cleaning, you can start feeling overwhelmed by the whole process.

Your work is easier and more rewarding when you embrace it.  But no matter how you greet these seasonal tasks, many of them simply have to be done.  And the good news is that the following 3 tips will help you get through efficiently and successfully!

Spring Cleaning Tips That Work, No Matter What!

  • Divide your tasks into sections. If you overwhelm yourself, you’ll stop. Survey what you need to do and make lists.  Chunk the jobs into manageable pieces and prioritize them.  Holding manageable expectations allows you to experience lots of small successes with your spring cleaning tasks – so getting an overview and dividing it into sections is key.
  • Start with the easiest spring cleaning task first.  Think of it as a warm-up. You may be tempted to throw yourself at the biggest challenge, in order to make lots of fast progress. But you actually progress more quickly by starting small and building muscle and stamina as you go.  Maybe you start with clearing a counter top or emptying a drawer. Once you’ve decluttered something, you’ll have a feeling of satisfaction that then fuels your next effort.
  • Celebrate and validate what you’ve accomplished, before you move to your next spring cleaning task. After you’ve cleared some wintry debris or put away those boots and snow shovels, take a moment to breathe and admire your work.  Take time to appreciate your new spaciousness. Savoring is part of the reward. And notice how keeping up your good work stretches you to use new sets of skills.  You can celebrate that, too!

As you create more time and space for yourself, you will be amazed to see what emerges!  Notice how your energy, your creativity, and your confidence are affected as you incorporate these tips into your spring cleaning repertoire.

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