Spritz Speeds Your Reading – A Revolution for Finding Time?

Click_to_SpritzSpritz is a technological innovation as well as a new way of thinking about reading – and I have to say, it’s very intriguing!  The basic aim of Spritz is to provide readers with a reading venue in which they can focus on content without having to put time and energy into moving their eyes to scan for meaning. 

The way that Spritz accomplishes this is to offer you your reading material one word at a time.  Not only that but the words are placed and formatted so that the optimal focal point is always at the center of the screen.  The goal is to provide the reader with content that can be read and comprehended quickly because it’s presented at the Optimal Recognition point (or ORP).  Here’s a bit more about that from PCWorld:

According to Spritz, 80 percent of the time you spend reading is devoted to physically moving your eyes from one word to the next in search of the ORP, while only 20 percent is spent actually processing the information. To speed things up, Spritz reformats the text and aligns it based on the ORP so there is essentially no physical eye movement, and almost all of your time is spent taking in data.

For a quick overview of Spritz, here’s a video that gives you the basics.  We were intrigued by the possibilities, and my VA has added the Spreed extension (described in the video) to her Chrome browser.  What this does is allow her to use Spritz to read text on the internet via Spritz.  (You can also cut-and-past text into the reader.)

The developers of Spritz spent years researching and fine-tuning Spritz, and they are working to expand its availability. Below is a video interview with Founder and CEO Frank Waldman offering some history and a fascinating overview of why and how Spritz does what it does.  For FAQs, a blog, and more information about all things Spritz, you can visit their website.

While visiting their site, be sure to try the “Click to Spritz” button to see how it works.  Play with the speed and find your comfort zone.  I think you’ll be very interested to see the possibilities for finding time!

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